Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Well i just quitted i was losing anyway, look like im gonna play the new tomb raider until it’s fixed


Patience is a virtue @Rickygervais, never give up.

Too late. :joy:


Well game was over i lost it so same result and it’s the weekend so might be long before it get fix


So I have figured out that I will work towards getting 1 copy of each of the Factions pet one day.


Oh man, new Faction Event is taking quite a long time to finish. Already reaching Level 200, but it’s still 2 more reward stages to go! I also lose once, and forced to finished the boss 2 times before beating all the rooms due to missing troops. But most of the time, I still using beat-all-rooms strategy.

Infernus is quite a popular target today, getting devour, turned in to a frog/mushrom all in one day. RNGsus is clearly trolling me. :sweat_smile:

I will use tomorrow’s normal scroll to do faction team challange at Level 200 before moving on with the event. Here’s the reward progress and renown update!

In 6 days, I only got an Ultra-Rare Ingot once, the rest are all Common Ingots. I’m afraid the drop rate is the same as PvP battle reward instead of having equal chance for all rarities like I expected.

But tomorrow I will get 3 at once, so I’ll let you know if I get any Higher-Tier Ingots!


30 probably doesn’t make a big difference, but here’s how I feel.

I have Hall of Guardians at 80, with a level 70+ hoard and quality 10. It’s the “smartest” place for me to farm right now. But it takes me about 25 minutes to go through, and I’m starting to think it’s worth avoiding Bullete or Faery rooms.

On the other hand, I can burn through Crypt Keepers, which I’ve kept at 20, in about 10 minutes, roughly the same as a pet rescue, and I kill everything so fast it takes a freak accident for me to be in peril.

I would rather be done with daily delves in 30 minutes than an hour and 15 minutes. Some days, 2 hours is about the total I have to play, so taking longer per Delve puts a serious cramp on whether I can farm trophies or whatever else. Not to mention the harder Delves are more stressful and I’m dealing with some Serious Life Shit right now.

That said, it’s all subjective. The rewards for a Delve are so much better than other modes it really doesn’t matter if you spend more time doing that. If you have plenty of time for farming whatever else, do the higher-level Delve and get your Renown progress.

I’m keeping a “fast farming Delve” because I value time a little more than the Renown rewards. So both of us sacrifice something. What matters is that we’re sacrificing something we care about less than what we’re getting!


It’s pretty simple in my case. I can do an AOE one shot kill of most rooms in the CK faction on delve 20. That isn’t the case at delve 100. The time savings is valuable to me on days that I have a lot of things to do in the game. There are so many time-consuming modes in the game now. Yet, I don’t have extra time to spend. Actually, these days, I have less time to spend in-game. So, I’m fine with min-maxing one faction.

I leave the other factions for days that I have extra time to spend playing David vs Goliath in a high level delve. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lvl 20 isn’t that bad with a high hoard. Especially when doing a daily task as well.:laughing:

I just look with troops or color.

Eventually we will be able to do all daily tasks in the delves with enough factions available.


This is fine for doing the events if you only buy minimum tiers. If you buy more tiers you would be better off staying lv 20 until only 8 sigils remain THEN progress to lv 100 as the event finishes getting the same rewards but saving possibly hours of time.


we are talking about farming delve in the event. you always start at 2. you get 0.25 bonus multiplier for beating the boss. that is where the 0.25 coming from. the multiplier you get for going up in normal daily delve is only one time and nor worth mentioning.

i have crypt as my farm. during halls and eye event i can go up to level 100 and earn the same amount of rewards like you do. however you still have to spend 147 more minutes doing your daily delves during those 2 weeks. the amount of weeks you waste time on goes up as we have more factions, as you only get the advantage once every n weeks where n is the number of factions

So youre willing to spend a lot more time for the rewards you dont even know would be worth it or not?

Again if you have all the free time and want long challenging battles then feel free to push all delves. those of us who value our time more and think the trade off isnt worth it keep 1 delve at 20 for farming purpose


Meanwhile on ps4…

How are the other platforms looking?

Is anyone else going beyond 500?


Lina is crushing everyone in pieces on PC/Mobile. Such an amazing player she is.

Whos leading on Xbox?


All those 20’s. So pretty. :laughing:

At least on ps4 they try a little bit…


I think it was iCheeWaWa (sorry if I butchered that name, I think that is how it is spelled??? I would verify, but servers…you know? :slight_smile: ) in 1st place on Xbox.

Can’t remember the points though. Near 200,000 I think.


Yeah it was her last time i was able to log in


I’m going to add this thread here. For all chest the pulls you want to share. Thanks.

The more data we gather the better. :+1::+1:


There’s no point in going past 500 since you’re not getting extra renown and you only make your life harder if you ever wanted to do 500 with the faction team. My opinion


That’s very true. If you have enough gems to finish all stage rewards from farming Level 20 alone, then of course it’s better than going up to Level 100. The problem is doing that every week with limited gems from tributes. It’s hard to do that every weeks while also spending gems on all other modes. My 2,000 gems/week income is barely enough to finish it all as it is.

Also, the argument about the amount of time that goes up every fast when you’re playing in higher level, that’s also objective depending on which team you choose.

Mang team would be the fastest. Insta-kill and Devour is also very fast. But right now, I’m using Glaycion’s skull spamming team, with Warden hero (too lazy to change since Thursday), which have a talent of Hunter Mark all enemies on 4/5 gems match.

So… despite spending more time on higher level, I spend it on planning rooms order and waiting for team-shuffling rooms (Bulette/Dust Devil) to roll me around. The battle itself? One Glaycion’ cast still wipe all the enemies most of time, the same on both Level 200 and 20.


All that still takes time. At level 100, a key troop getting transformed into a toad makes a normally fast game slower. Waiting for dust devil to reshuffle a team makes a game slower, etc. However, at level 20. it doesn’t matter what that other team does, the game is fast because their stats are so low.

Some of us just don’t have the time, so farming 20 is a viable solution.


It is, but even doing it like this takes a lot of time. Especially with higher shop tiers.