Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


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For my experience, time spent playing the game each day for me isn’t change much after 4.0, still around 2-3 hours a day. I just spent less time on the mode I don’t enjoy much, and more time on Delve instead.

Personally, it took around an hour to finished all Dungeon/Guild Event/Daily Tasks. After that, I spend my time chasing Pet Gnome and farming Trophies in Arena (200 Trophies/hour), which kinda boring to me. With Delve addition, I could have fun in Delve instead, and use my remaining time to play other events and finish Greenstone weekly requirements.

The optimal comfort zone for Delve seems to be Level 100, based on my analysis. So on Tuesday, I can play Delve the way it is intended all the way until Level 100 then stop there, finish all reward stages, using only 90 gems, without raising my Delve Level higher. So it’s possible to do effective farming on Tuesday’s event.

In actual Underworld, the time required to beat Level 100 is just 5-10 minutes more than Level 20, so it’s quite great for daily Delve considering all factors.

That’s true, and you need more time as well. But also, the 8 times you get 2x start-up multiplier might actually earn you more shards to work on upgrading your Hoard Quality faster, which in turn make your farming a bit more effective.


This is where Delve mode stops being fun is trying to win with a faction team in the extreme difficulties.

The enemy stats outweigh almost any hoard value you can get realistically…


Lets say it takes 7 minutes longer. Thats 7 * 3 delves * 7 days = 147 mins a week. During the event, going from 20 to 100 gives you 9 * 4 chest upgrade (assuming you have max hoard quality) = 36 chest upgrades and 9*0.25= 2.25 extra multiplier. The extra chest upgrade and multiplier only apply once every n weeks (n is the number of factions) because during event which isnt their farm delve, people can do the same thing and go to level 100 too.

So with the current 3 factions youre trading 147 * 3 = 441 mins for 36 chest upgrades and 2.25 multiplier. Is it worth it? I would say no


If it’s something you’d like to share, let us know your teams.

My time in Crypt level 20 daily delves today: 6 ¼ min before the boss, 7 ½ min defeating boss and opening chest.

Pyggra / Weaver / Tesla / Ragnagord

banner from Hall of Guardians


Im using ragnagord/dawn/sunbird/aurora. +2 red +1 brown banner

I tend to open chests in bulk


Thanks for the team @jzg, I’m going to add your thread help for more players to see. :+1:


Thanks for sharing noob!

I don’t have dawnbringer or aurora yet, but added your team to my list.

Just meant the delve chest. I timed a couple delves from start to finish.


Here is one for Crypt Keepers



To be honest, I’m a bit confused about your number. 36 chest upgrade doesn’t mean much when you can’t know the amount of shards you get from it. But I think it must be a lot more than 0 chest upgrade you get from running away at Level 20.

Where is 0.25 coming from? It’s either 1.0 for staying at current level or 2.0 going higher. So for playing 9 stage, I got 9 times more reward (ex. 200 and 1,800) than you for staying at Level 20.

Also, my strategy to Level 100 will be applied every Tuesday with no exception. When the event come, you should already reach level 100 by normal scroll, for double use of 2x Multipliers.

441 might be a wrong number, you multiply 3 one too many times. 21 is the maxium number of Delve Scrolls you can have in a week, so it’s still 147 minutes, or 2 hours a week, with is not that much.

Also, if I’m having fun, it will sure worth it. Playing at Delve Level 20 is no different from doing explore battles for traitstones, it can be very repetitive real quick.


Wait, with my Ubastet + Earth’s Fury calculation, yours is actually better to instantly transfrom one troop to be in Ubastet’s killing range, taking out one other troop. So it’s actually a better strategy!

Great job, jzp!! :open_mouth:


I save a 20 delve for the days that I have a hour or less.

My gems time is getting shorter and shorter these days but I still want to get as much as I can done with that hour.

Most days I can do all my dailys through the low delves runs.

I have a 20, 60, 180. Perfect for my mood and time on any given day. :+1:


Here is a video of it at level 190
You would have to be more careful ofc on higher levels, than me just spamming :smiley:

New Faction - Crypt Keepers

Day 5 wooohoo no common


Has anyone seen anything higher than a rare drop from daily ingots?


Yup a guildmate got epic the other day


But what about mythic or legendary?

Are they even in the drop pool?


Can’t tell you but normally they should be in the pool


Anyone else having server issue right now?? Im on xbox and im stuck in a delve battle need to keep pushing retry button


On ps4 if waiting on a pet gnome I can suspend app by clicking Netflix.

Put on a show and retry in a hour. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: