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Surely is not possible without leveling the Hoard to 500 or more… So we have to level up the Hoard to 100 for Renown and then, higher to win with the Faction team…


For All Seeing Eye, I think I want the leech to steal about half the attack that the boss can so I’m not stuck in a position where I can never attack again. That’s looking to be +30 magic at 331.

CK: Instakill, so as much hp/armor as you need to stay alive long enough to get lucky in 3-4 battles?

The other 2, no clue.

In HoG, if you kill the enemy Gargoyle fast enough, you might have a chance. But the enemy Gargoyle with those kind of attack boost buffs and a really high starting total is a major hurdle…

You can stun the 25% spell reduction off their gargoyle, but it takes away from filling your Gargoyle and lol random.

Silent Sentry in the 1st slot can’t stay alive forever though, so its a race against time even if you do kill their Gargoyle.

I have no clue what kind of hoard you’d need to push ahead for that situation.

Sea of Sorrow …maybe might be possible around upper Hoard 900-1000. That Infernus-like Legendary might be able to apply enough damage with a good amount of luck…


Since Xbox was posted… Lol
I’m gonna Ricky Bobby it on Friday and engage my “slingshot”. :grinning:


For All Seeing Eye fraction team, you might have to relied too much on Deathmark, and keep casting Watch mother to stay alive.

As for normal team, my Yasmine’s Pride would give 720+ life points in every cast (180+ each every troops), so it should hold up for a while. After that, Shadow-Hunter might be your best bet, as she can do 730+ spell damage on her first cast, instantly killing one troop of your choice.

As that level, using normal damage won’t do anymore. Your looping team (with entangle) is great, but it take too much time. You should switch to some scaling-on-enemies troop as mentioned above, or some insta-kill tactic like Devour and Deathmark, as none of them is immune to that. (except Xerodar with Undying)

For Hall of Guardian normal team, I’m thinking about using Enraged Mang-like troop (with skulls creator), to make all their traits useless. Not sure about which one to use yet.


What do you think about tesla? With boosted stats and crazy enemy armor she will probably deal 200 true damage?


My first loss at 190 boss level 2 chest 3.75 × I fought all rooms


Lol very nice for a lost :slight_smile:


I play on all platforms all kind of games for a very long time. Xbox while having a smaller user base than everything has some of the most competitive players around. I suspect it’s a hold over from the x360 days.

There have been a few players over time that pushed very hard on the X.

Heck just a few weeks ago one of our Guild mates went under investigation for a support ticket I submitted (mailbox overflow). He donated 100M one night. The develops said the had NEVER seen anything so high, on any platform ever.


I will never forget that damn Toadstool


Tesla’s damage is definitely appealing, I just wonder if I can cast it enough before the AI start to get going. After that, what would its supporting cast be? Im not keen going in with Dwarven Gate, Dwarven Gate in the faction event.

I do like the idea though.


Bro you got zuul why not use him to insta kill one of them?


It’d be great but Xerodar won’t live long enough to do that and you’d have to survive 2-3 battles before the boss fight itself. Deathmark strat would be great if you can swap in between battles, but its not practical since you can’t. Watch Mother doesn’t summon another one either. (and doesn’t heal herself)

So about 1 YP cast would null 1 enemy cast of damage output, but you have to fill YP to do that in the first place. It can help, but Im a little worried its too slow for what it can do. These aren’t Zuul’Goth, these are basically Zuul’Goth’s minions.

Shadow-Hunter targets the healthiest enemy, so it can be good, but isn’t really an instakill from the get go and doesn’t let you choose who the biggest threat is. Lets say all 4 enemies have 500 hp and 500 armor. 500 * 4 = 2000 life, then boost ratio of 3:1 is 666 repeating. Good, but they’re still alive.

Thought about it.

Also thought about it, what devour troop would you use that’d you gamble all in on to win 3-4 matches? Same with Death Mark, what troop would you rely on to do it?

Its less about their traits and more about not getting killed by Gargoyle. If you can drop its damage output, there’s not much threat remaining. I guess if you can punch through Silent Sentinel and then Gargoyle before it starts casting, then yeah, ignoring traits/skull bashing can work then. EK would work well in this battle, but I don’t know if he holds up in other battles.

I haven’t tried the doom skull team in the faction battle yet, but I’m not certain if it holds up after the nerf?


Hmm, its not bad, but I’d have to make another team lol.

The ASE boss fight has 3 threats (and ZG can’t be used in HoG). So killing one helps, but I still would need to find an answer for the other 2. Would need to find a 3 man team for that.

Then I’d have to figure out how to fill ZG in time.

The leech having 50% mana start gives it a very short clock.

Dragon’s Eye Frost Mage (coming soon) could actually do wonders here.


If you cast Yasmine’s Pride on healthiest enemies, Shadow-Hunter can surely kill one troops. An alternative would be Megavore’s cast. You would still need some unbelievable luck on starting board, but you have unlimited tries (given enough time). The alternative is wasting Treasure and billons of gold to get to Level 1,000 instead, which seem worse to me.

I’m not sure about it. I’m not at a point I have to relied on it yet. But from the top of my head, Death and Doomclaw would be it. It does requires a tremendous luck, but when it does work, you got a reliable chance to win it.

Right now my Glaycion work pretty great. Doomskulls and explosion nerf don’t affect it too much, as your aim is matching 4/5 skulls for high skull damage, and sometimes his cast leave 3-5 of them for me to at least kill one troops. From my experience, he can even loop himself sometimes.


Oh… just have a new idea!

Ubastat + Fleshripper might also work. You only need to cast both of them twice to win. The problem is how to get that mana and staying alive from 2 other troop choices.


I’ve used the Yasmine team with 100 Treasure Hoard level. While its slightly underpowered right now, I can/will beat 500 with it at some point.

Still going to need a higher treasure hoard for Faction vs Faction, which no other troops can be used, nulling all of this really.

I’m pretty sure the Healthiest mechanic is similar to the Weakest mechanic which I believe adds HP and Armor together to tell which troop counts as what. So YP cast on an enemy troop should disqualify it from Shadow-Hunter’s targeting (unless all 4 troops lose their armor). I’ll test it later.


Wait… you’re right. I’m wrong to think that healthiest doesn’t count for armor. Sorry! :laughing:

But still, Megavore is still a choice. Removing all armors would force healthiest mechanic to only count life points and able to take out one troops from Shadow-Hunter’s cast.


I’m not trying to say I have the best team of all time. In fact, there’s got to be something better. But here’s what Im thinking can work with 500s such enormous stats.

  1. A very fast Mang team. I dont know the composition. Earth’s Fury might be a touch too slow…
  2. Instakill/transform teams
    Kraken if you’re lucky, Dragon’s Eye and some prayers, Scylla/Megavore if you’re lucky, Lust, if you’re lucky
  3. An “infinite” loop. Alchemist, Hellcat, Goblin Rocket, Goblin Rocket played to take forever lol. (viable for Crypt keepers)
  4. Something that scales on enemy stats. Tesla, Ubastet (not really at 6:1), Shadow-Hunter

Basically troops you’d use in Raid mode, only requires consistency to win multiple matches, is color restricted (no anti-faction troop yet), and can’t die until the boss fight.


Hell-chemist would indeed take forever. It was already irritating at Delve level 50 in Guardians. Not to mention the existence of blocks to slow down the transformers.


Maybe some weapon or effect that doubles something on an ally for full destruction like:

  • Golden Kog + Gard’s Avatar.
  • Cauldron + Yao Guai.

Because your magic doesn’t scales very well, but the other stats that boost the damage would give a hell of a bonus.

Golden Cog + Hell Cat + Alchemist + Gard’s Avatar (Not in order and not very sure about the color restriction)
Cauldron + Hell Cat + Alchemist + Cyclops (Not in order and not very sure about the color restriction)

Edit: Fixed the wrong troop combo.