Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Yeah i did eyes, buffed troop helped a little but i will need to increase my hoard at least to lv 200 if i want to have a chance to do it again

I heard the next faction will contain 9 rooms so i will keep that one low to farm for the other


Delve 500 boss room stats:

Ocularen Leech: 281 Attack, 542 Armor, 557 Life, 137 Magic (stealing 138 attack)
Ocularen: 285 Attack, 538 Armor, 559 Life, 145 Magic (deals 145 damage to the 2 weakest)
Watch Mother: 276 Attack, 536 Armor, 564 Life, 141 Magic (gives 142 life boosted by…)
Xerodar: 283 Attack, 557 Armor, 553 Life, 149 Magic (deal 152 damage to the 1st 2 enemies)

10% week though!

Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye

Brutal. Did Yasmine behave?


About to try and lose this one. (QA died in the 1st room).

Edit: Lost. Took out the Leech’s armor, dropped Xerodar and Ocularen to about 30ish armor and Watch mother to 10ish armor. Yasmine kept missing the extra turn and the multiple refill processes caused me to fall behind too much.

Accidentally went in with the faction team the 1st time, got demolished in the 1st room, couldn’t get anything going.

Might have to wait until non-Monster week to do 500 to make it slightly easier. Even if I did it now, the 6 copies of the Eye Pod I’d get would only bring it to Epic +8 copies, not enough to ascend it again.

I really dislike Yasmine/QA because they miss so much compared to Elemaugrim (who still misses from time to time). Not asking for a gem creation buff because its fair. Still totally opposed to QA not doing something for herself though. She’s a pony, not a sitting duck. come on!


Thanks for posting those stats. :smiley_cat:

That stage is scary AF.


With all these armor i think megavore is a must

Edit: also your hoard look low you will need at least 800-900 to have a chance


so here’s the downer the part:

Are some/any faction possible to finish at 500? I can’t tell.

in HoG, the Gargoyle hits very hard, but unfortunately, their attack (boost ratio) is wayyy higher than yours, so their Gargoyle is going to be excessively destructive.

in ASE, the Leech can almost do it, but they still have 3-5x your hp/armor/atk depending on how much treasure to the hoard you throw in…

Crypt Keepers is almost possible, but its entirely reliant on Instakill, while their CK troops can probably kill you the old fashion way

Sea of Sorrow might be legit impossible? Nothing scales in damage to compensate for 500/500ish stats. Submerge doesn’t protect against splash damage (works both ways). It looks to be a true damage war, which the player is at a severe handicap. Is it a Sea Witch/Lady Anariel loop strategy until all your troops have a lot of life that won’t actually last long? Lady A tends to drop almost all the time while using it with the player, so I’m not certain about this…

Im starting to wonder, Why aren’t heroes allowed to be part of the faction team so it isn’t a mirror match with such a uphill climb?


@TheIdleOne, how far were you able to take your hoard lvl? And your renown must be over 3k.

Any other goodies that you were able to unlock?


And I thought you was the best Xbox one player @Rickygervais. :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheIdleOne You surely have some skills from another world.


Lol i never said i was the best, in xbox there is plenty peoole who are beast :slight_smile:


There you see how much I know Xbox players. :stuck_out_tongue:
Is @TheIdleOne dominating all other events too?


He was but he is slowing down now since he got zuul :slight_smile:


So he is like the Godzilla from Xbox one? You are lucky that have such strong players over there.
Maybe he can help ya with some great tips and team builds.


I won’t say he is the best but he is a very strong player and i am glad he is in thieves now :slight_smile:



Hes the best. (By 10000 miles) :slight_smile:


Its just one game mode, I was excited and had some spare time lol.

There are some great players on Xbox One for sure, I wouldn’t consider myself the best.


I only took it to 100 for now, will definitely have to bring it up for the Faction team. Lots of Legendary and Mythic Ingots. 3 Common Ingots today on login, woo?

I currently have it at Epic.


Lol did you play 24h? i played 8h and i was exausted


Not everyone is registered, im not there i should be 3rd with 2030 renown :stuck_out_tongue:


Im not sure… I think I took a 3- 3 1/2 hour power nap. I just set an alarm for a random time ahead. Was getting sick of a losing streak from RNG, needed a break anyways.

Then chop off maybe 1-2 hours wasting time typing, or doing other things (living necessities).

I probably played a lot. I didn’t go straight to the boss until like 4 hours remaining though.