Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


I mean killing it after other 3 troops are dead, so it’s one last threat. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the problem that lose my run today, even after long 30 minutes dual with it and 19 life left.

I use that now as well. Used to stick Draugr on last spot, but as it doesn’t even block Vanya, It’s perfectly okay to be there on 2nd.

Unless you got Rock Worm room in the middle. In that case, you might as well give up instead of switching up slot though. Lol

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I would say I am struggling to clear Silver 300 but the actuality is that I’m giving up on the faction team. Managed 250 but I just cannot be bothered now. It can wait until the devs’ actual fix comes through, like almost every other faction so far.


It was quite straightforward for me during the faction event, thanks to the potions (and perhaps a good amount of luck during the attempt at level 300. Took a hefty amount of gems—Tier 6, IIRC—but clearing level 300 with the faction team was my target for last weekend: I can get to level 500 with a non-faction team at my leisure, and then wait on the actual solution to the 500-faction-team problem.

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My thoughts exactly. I’m just waiting it out. Doesn’t work now, don’t care. Miss a day, don’t care: reaching 500 in faction N happens way faster than faction N+1’s release - which is also (one of many reasons) why I’m steering clear of Tier 7 buys.


… Cleared Sea of Sorrows with potions. Needed to experience a hard delve with potions to see how functional they actually are.

Yeah, uhm… the only way to fix the delve faction team is to delete the challenge entirely.

Potions can’t overcome RNG bs where most of the delve rooms counter out the faction team (Dwarves vs Sea of Sorrow, really? Lamia room, really??)

When you get to the boss room, its populated with high damage low mana cost troops which if unblocked on 2 colors fill so fast that’s hard to stay on top of it.

You know what really ends runs though? Any gem spawner which nearly all factions have. Just takes one flick of the Sayanara Sucker button to end a run.

I can’t imagine 5 room factions with potions; too much could go wrong. The Warrens and Fang Moor both look highly unapproachable.

I had one battle where the enemy Giant Toadstool cast, transformed my top troop and created gems that filled Glitterclaw whom proceeded to cast to hit the top troop, refill itself, then cast again to kill the troop.

Its easy to say Faction team stats are underpowered, but even if the faction team were given double value for stats, it doesn’t get around the fundamental problems of delves. Want to feel the despair of playing the faction team? Sea of Sorrow vs Magnus. Even when you win, it doesn’t feel like you win.

I wanted to propose a possible fix, but there just isn’t any. Even potions don’t really cover it without going to extremes. (Actually, its worse than that. You don’t want 1,000 attack and face The Warrens, or Lamias lol.)

Edit: I guess the answer is buy even more potions!!..


Thanks for trying it out, TheIdleOne.

It does prove my point though. SoS really is the worse Faction right now for beating with Faction team, that even Potions doesn’t help much.

As you said here, the problem is not just troops’ stats. Its low-mana/high-true-damage style make it ridiculously hard to beat. Combined with random gems spawning strategy, so many things could go wrong, so it definitely will.

I have a different idea about TW and FG though. Even with 5 rooms, TW’s team can mass submerge/barrier themselves, so it got some random protection to work with, while FM’s team can create loops that you have some control over, and attack stats can go very high very fast with Potions.

Getting Kryptonite rooms in the middle will always be a tough problem. It could help by spending more gems for better luck with rooms combination next run though, so yay?


I’m wondering if the upcoming changes are going to include the equivalent of Fireball/Heroism (skip non-boss or boss room) for delves. Purchasable for just a few gems, of course!


Congrats. I guess this is going to cost me a lot more gems than I was anticipating. How many tries at 500? I don’t suppose you’d like to share your successful team…

The fix is to drastically lower the scaling of EXP (and/or gold) needed to increase the treasure hoard, so that you can access those inaccessible permanent stat increases that were intended to help you win. As it is right now, you need 10M+ gold to reach the mid 200s on treasure hoard. Per faction. That’s insane.


Alternate proposal: Leave the scaling as is, but make a single Treasure Hoard which applies the bonus to all factions (but then this screws up the 500 renown per faction for reaching treasure hoard 100; it would have to be replaced with something else).


Do we have an indicator of actual changes coming or is this just hopes and dreams based on “Well, they said a few months ago there were changes coming, and I don’t like potions so potions can’t be the changes they meant”?


We have as much of an indicator as we ever have prior to the release of troop data or a mention in a Salty spoiler stream:


Sea Witch
The Deep King
The Deep King
Sorrowful banner

I guess you could make an argument for using Mershark for controlled targetting. I never liked Mershark though.


Thanks. That’s what I was considering, though a guildmate said they did it first try with:

3x The Deep King

Probably with good board control too. I feel like the Sea Witch random generation would cause headaches.


There’s definitely pros and cons to it. With enough magic damage, 3 TDK with enchant could stand on its own. After all, he did it first try (congrats to him!)


Ah, OK, I forgot/missed that from the patch notes.

“Later this year” is actually a fairly high-resolution estimate, so I guess that’s a pretty strong promise.


6th try turned out awesome. Woohoo! :partying_face:

Middle room today is, ironically, Worm Tunnels. As I didn’t bother moving Draugr accordingly, my 2nd Vanya is dead and replaced by useless Necrocorn.


Lucky to get many 4-match like this, so I was able to safely cast Bone Golem a lot. Now that all troops only got 200+ life, I worried a bit about killing their Bone Golem now, but their Vanya is Blessed with 13 mana on her 2nd cast, so I just don’t care and kill it. With some cascade, their Vanya is now the only troop alive.

Turned out, Necrocorn actually have its use. Casting on your Draugr is always nice, and casting on itself is usually worth the risk to speed things up. Casting on Vanya is a big no, as you might ended up with a flood of yellow gems. Able to drain their Vanya multiple times, then kill her before she is Blessed, un-drain-able and ready to cast!

Next Wednesday gonna be interesting. :grin:


Question about the delve event yesterday…
I played a lot, but in the underworld i saw nothing changed…
Im confused, why didt i get extra levels in my delve kingdom?


Your delve in the underworld gets raised to the highest level reached in faction events


Example: im in 390 in delve, in event in 200 i dont win levels?


Faction events always start at level 20. You would have to win every floor again up to level 390 and then when you beat level 400 your faction level would also rise with the event.


Has anyone ever summoned a Vanya Soulmourn with Vanya Soulmourn in Silver Necropolis? Or is she only capable of summoning her minions?