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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

If its green with no blue then just run a second Rowanne lol.

Now that kingdom power relies on 2,500 All-Seeing Eye renown, any tips on the Faction team?

What is your strategy? What is the route you use?

Look above in the thread. Chances are people posted soon after it was released.

I was looking for a suggested team for ASE too but there’s over 1100 posts in this thread lolllll. I gave up.

ASE released in September 2018.

Ocularen Leech
Watch Mother
Ocularen Banner

can be done without potions


I think my strategy at the moment is “expletive that”…


I looked up @TheIdleOne 's old posts about clearing All-seeing eye faction team without potions, in case anyone is interested here are the links :slightly_smiling_face:

Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Any ideas/experiencefor faction only team for city of thieves?

I’m thinking Cat Burglar is the odd one out. King boosts stats potentially a lot, and the other two generate skulls and purple in pretty silly quantities. Strategy might be to have King in front and a combination of three copies of the two generators… maybe two Tomb Robbers since casting Street Thief twice in succession won’t do much. OR have Cat Burglar as the lowest priority at the very back just soaking up green.

Though I haven’t played with them yet. So I may be 100% wrong.

Oh and if the map has Cedric on it, you basically win. Moneybags for everyone in this faction?


You’re right about Cat Burglar. She might have been useful if her skill gained the 20 gold without having to kill an enemy first. Tomb Robber I am not sure about in a high level faction vs faction battle. Seems too risky. None of the troops have any innate skull reduction.

I just beat a lv200 City of Thieves faction vs faction battle with no potions and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without the Moneybags bonus (team was King, King, Street Thief, Tomb Robber). King’s stat gain isn’t that high without Moneybags. 500 is definitely out of the question without potions.

Delves is by far the worst feature ever introduced to this game. Obviously the devs do not adequately test the higher levels to see how they can be successfully defeated WITHOUT pissing off every gems of war player. How much free time does a GOW player have? They best be unemployed or retired if they want to finish the delves and/or play any other video games in their library. It sucks…

They say delve suppose to be a lengthy endeavor, yet designed it so that the best time to finish it would be 72h right after they are introduced


Any new ideas for the 500 faction team sin city of thieves?

Got constntly beaten at 350 with my faction only team

First off, only do faction teams at multiples of 100. If you can get to level 500 with a non-faction team, then you can earn the 2,000 Renown available that way. That leaves 500 Renown to max out a faction, and you only get rewards every 100 points. (You can further skip level 400, since the pets you earn for 2400 Renown don’t bump you up a rarity tier.)

As for how to beat level 500 with a faction team, it looks like getting Cedric’s Hideaway is going to be critical. Other alternatives include :gem::gem::gem::gem::gem::gem::gem: for the Potions of Power or :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: (gold, not actual money) upgrading your Hoard.


I dont know is this what the devs intention was or not, but having to rely on a single room to have a chance of finishing an event is kind of an oversight

Its a pretty unique design though, certainly interesting. Maybe not “good” interesting …?

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With a lot delves I know the basics the question was more team related for city of thieves as for me it looks all troops scale very bad.
I tried
king king tomb robber thief
king king 2 tomb robbers
king king robber cat burglar

All teams fail (level 350)at the tier 5 conistantly at the tier 5 in front of the end room.

6 potions of might hoard level 150

Okay I take it back, its a damn annoying design. Just went through … I lost track. LOTS of times where I didn’t have access to Cedric. And the times I did have Cedric, I managed to lose. Faction can stay on 200, I don’t care.

Same, not for me, bought 6 tiers and that was enough, renown could stay at 2300