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Delete this post- GOAT LC

Please help. I confessed my love for someone, and I understand it’s not a dating app, but since Gems of War is easiest to talk to the person, I did it there, in a private chat. I regretted it, and apoligized. But, I ended up getting a 6 day ban. I don’t know how to tell my guild members. I tried making an alternative account, but that got banned for trying to avoid a ban! Is there a way to contact the devs to get unbanned early?


There is private chat in Gow?

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I mean going to a chat channel that isn’t used much.

I think maybe I’ll just send an announcement to my guild members to just use the forum to talk to me…

If this is a real rule then it tends to be 100% subjective.
In regards to your communication issue, Discord would probably be your best bet.


You can contact our support if you feel that you have been banned unfairly.

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If you did this in a more or less “private” channel, how many options are there for who reported you?


We don’t remove bans early, and we don’t take kindly to romantic or sexual advances towards other players especially on a platform where many minors are playing. If we were to know if the person you were talking to was a minor you’d be banned permanently with no warning.

If you are a minor, consider the 6 day ban a ban for your own safety as the person you confessed your love to could be an adult and/or a predator even if they tell you they’re a kid too. If you are a minor you should talk to your parents about internet safety.

For the safety of all our players, Gems of War is not a dating app.


I’m sorry. First of all, we were both minors. Second, the person I talked to in the private chat told her friends about it and asked her friends to come there too. So, I think her friends reported me. I’m very sorry, and I won’t do it again. But why did the mods have to ban my alternate account for ‘avoiding a ban’?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say if someone reported you for confessing your love, it was awkward and unwelcome. That doesn’t mean you were creepy or wrong. The “unfair” part of this transaction is the person receiving the confession is the one who gets to say if it was welcome. The best thing to do is learn a lesson and move on. This was a decision made by two human beings and consent has to be on both sides.

In general, be aware that the romance movie story is wrong and kind of harmful. The story portrays romance as similar to a video game, where even after a rejection the plucky hero demonstrates love and eventually the target of that hero’s affection realizes the initial rejection was wrong. That sends the message “don’t take no for an answer” and is a big part of a lot of abusive behaviors. Don’t be the romance movie protagonist. In real life, it leads to bad things.

Take your licks, learn a lesson. Value the friendship you have with people, and don’t try to rush it into a romance. Life’s a big longer than you think, and you’ve got time to find the person who you don’t even realize you’re in love with before noting you can’t imagine life without them.

You got banned for violating a ban because you violated a ban. You had your chat privileges removed. You made another account so you could chat. That’s “evading a ban” because you were “evading a ban”. It’s hard to be more cut and dried than that.

This is what the romance movie heroes do. In the movies it ends happily because the story’s writer is controlling whether the target of affection is receptive. In real life, it is a human being on the other end and it usually ends in an arrest. Don’t walk that path.

Imagine you hear a knock on your door and it’s a vacuum salesman. You don’t want a vacuum. You tell him “no” and close the door. Then he knocks on your back door. You repeat the “no” and tell him to leave. Then he calls your mobile phone. You ask him to stop talking to you. He slips a pamphlet under your door. You get creeped out and call the police for trespassing. He gets arrested. You feel safe. When you wake up the next morning, he’s at your bedside with a breakfast he made for you. Are you A) horny for buying vacuums B) ready to commit murder?

That’s how this brand of “romance” works in real life. Use your brakes.


Can you elaborate as to why some alternate Gems of War accounts get banned and others don’t when their main account gets banned from chat?
I don’t disagree with the decision here in regards to child safety. Just curious to know the actual policy on “evading bans”.

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I bet ol daddy walk by. If it was my child i would mow over the computer,xbox,playstation. This is a game and you admitted it was a minor you approached so you deserve permanent ban. We dont really know your a minor and there are plenty of sick,twisted, pervs all over the internet and im glad you got busted. Thank you devs .

As far as I understood it the important point is who is targeted by the ban. If you cheat in any way the target is your account progress, you personally are free to create a new account and start out from scratch. If you misbehave in chat the target is you personally, you are no longer welcome in chat, no matter how many accounts you create.

Well very recently an individual was banned, but then allowed to use an alternate account to chat in global every day during their ban.
Which is why I asked the support staff directly and didn’t inquire about others thoughts.
My understanding is… it’s 100% subjective. Sometimes the devs ban an alternate account from chat. Sometimes they don’t.
And I understand it’s impossible to know every single alt account in the game.
But the most recent example, the person basically reused their GoW account name and openly spoke about having their main account banned.
So if the policy is when minors get banned, so do their alts. But when adults get banned, they can use alternate accounts to chat. I’m fine with that. I’m just curious if that’s the official policy.

That would feel like a pretty weird policy, especially since it would require them to figure out who is a minor and who is an adult. I rather suspect the chat ban involves some ip address checks, so if you know how to mask yours you are able to slip through until someone reports you.

Nintendo probably gives them an easy way to block the switch and not just account. They probably have more stringent chat safety requirements too.

Can’t see how devs can block pc/android/apple accounts from creating a dupe account easilly.

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I think this can be summarized as a match three game, is not a dating match game.

Some people may want to “match three” with their dating, and this is not that kind of app either. In short, no dating.


18 posts later and no one has asked for the chat channel? I really expected better.

Also, what’s the line you’d use? “You move me like a match-5?” Or “I’d like an extra turn … with you!”


Because everyone involved was a minor, so us adults don’t care. Though over 18 chat rooms could spice things up.