Defender Gem Priority Question

I’m thinking of trying some guardians in my defense team.

Can I use Gem Priority to help them choose the second gem color they use in their spells? (Create 15 gems, a mixture of X color and a chosen type)

For example if I raise Purple Gem Preference all the way will they use Purple gems as their choice for the second color gem in their spells, or will the second color choice be random?


Thats… a good question.


Technically, yes, changing that value does affect what color is being chosen, although it does prioritize with other factors as well which will affect the decision (e.g. the amount of gems on the board). Changing this value though will change other factors of the game though. I wouldn’t recommend having any gems changed “all the way”, as this could affect all gems your AI will match, and will possibly take purple gems over something like skulls, or casting spells.

Just as a warning with the Gem Priority, this can greatly affect what gems/spells are chosen if picking the minimum or maximum. These sliders are better used for slight changes rather than all or nothing.

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Aha! So you admit this whole gem priority thing is screwed up don’t ya!

(Don’t really answer this, just let me have my aha moment) :sweat_smile:

(Sorry, have to respond…) I just thought of giving power to the people.



On our PS4 account, the settings on the defence team (sliders for gem priority etc) do not persist after closing the application; next time we play GoW all the custom defence settings are lost. Is this a known problem?

Sounds like you guys are having all sorts of issues on PS4 gems. :frowning:

Of course, on iOS, I can get neither my difficulty settings nor team compositions to save and persist between matches. Something’s going a bit flakey with the 2.2 code in a live environment.

Gem priority ? oO

I should have missed something, I really don’t see what it is (android user). Could you tell me ?

I’ve had no issues with it. Since I run a Gorgotha, the yellow and black are all the way to the right. Since I run no green, that and skulls, are all the way to the left.

The other colors are spread out to the left or right of center, depending on need.

It’s a new interface in the console versions of the game to change the behaviour of your defence team when the AI plays it.

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I can defiantly attest to this being the case, a few days ago I run some Defend tests with a maxed out purple slider and a few others set to zero (Skulls were left at 50%). The AI acted like a purple hungry drug addict ignoring Skulls constantly to get it fill of Purple!

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Hey @Jainus, can I confirm that you are leaving the PvP menu before closing the application? The game saves changes if there are any modifications to the Gem Priority sliders when leaving the PvP menu (by either exiting back to the world map, battling someone in PvP, or editing the troops in the defense team).

If you are doing all that and it still isn’t saving, it may be due to the same issue some others are getting on both Console and PC/Mobile where defense teams are not being saved in certain circumstances.