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Dedicated gamer looking for an active guild

Hi, I am looking for an active guild. My invite code is BEGFOURMERCY_R4ZT. Could you please message me before the invite is sent. I am in a random guild that I think I need to leave first. Gamertag is BegFourMercy. Currently level 35 after 4 days. I am a dedicated gamer. Check out my gamer score.

hi. in my guild are only 2 active players. one guy and me. other players are not active. I had last week 650 trophies and total 750. This week I don’t have time. with few active players will go up quickly. I don’t have gold for guild. Invest in yourself and collect trophies. I’ll be happy, for any active player :slight_smile:

We are currently a rank 2000s guild and looking for active members. Let us know if you want to join