Dear devs, please fix your cheating AI on console

Dear @Sirrian and @Nimhain and whoever else may have influence on the console version of this game. Please do something about the atrocious cascades that occur in favor of the ai on Playstation and Xbox.

I have been playing on console and pc/mobile for well over a year now. I am around level 1100 on pc/mobile, and close to level 200 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. The game is absolutely infuriating on console. I am very close to stopping playing altogether on console unless something is done about it. The game favors the ai way too much. Far too often after a play is made (regardless of whether it is myself or the ai that makes the play) that the board lands and gives extra turns or cascades to the ai. It is ridiculous! It used to be pretty bad on pc, but never this bad.

I understand that on console you have given players the option to tweak the ai, so that it may prefer certain colors over others. But, this has nothing to do with the absolutely absurd percentage that any play sets the board up in favor of the ai. Please do not tell me that it is recall bias either. I’ve read several threads on this. I’m not buying it. Unless I’ve just had a ridiculous string of bad luck the last several weeks, the game is broken on console in my opinion.

I recognize the difference between console and pc. Match fours rarely drop from above on pc these days. On console, it is the opposite. I remember it was pretty bad on pc at one point, but never anywhere as bad as I’ve seen on console.

I’m not trying to just make a complaint thread. I know there is a lot that goes into making a video game. Far more than I’ll ever know. And, I do appreciate your work on this game. I have spent a lot of time playing your game. I think it’s a great game. And I’ve spent quite a bit of money to support the team as well. I mainly am just very frustrated with the current state of the game on console at the moment. I would like to know if there is any plans to fix this, or I’m the only one experiencing these difficulties?



Nothing cheating here, sorry - in fact we cheat in your favor for a bunch of levels early in the game. I believe the console AI is still missing some moves randomly too… so it’s a little easier in general.

Regarding the recall bias… I’m sorry to say that’s exactly what is happening. You can read about some of our early usability testing with the Puzzle Quest series here:

Also, it was confirmed by numerous players that the Puzzle Quest series, which gives exactly the same vibe of “cheating” was actually NOT cheating at all when we released the script code for them to tinker with. That game is still available on Steam, with all scripts able to be tested & read, so that is always open for anyone who might be suspicious, to investigate!

However, I would like to say thanks for the feedback… it is possible we may still need to cheat in the human player’s favor for a little longer, or cheat in their favor a little more noticeably, while folks are still learning how to play the game.



AI doesn’t cheat, it would have to purposely be programmed to do that and it doesnt. It gets lucky sonetimes, and if it seems to be getting too lucky maybe you’re setting yourself up with a badly timed color transform.
I’m at 100 wins 2 losses this week so I rarely lose in pvp. My Def team wins almost 50% of the time.

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I don’t know where you see this happening but I mentioned on my thread that this foolishness happens to me all day everyday on PvP (rank). So… if this is the case, why not just script this part of the game to be like the rest of the game where the cascades wouldn’t be… I’m trying to find a word besides foolish, I can’t. Where the cascades wouldn’t be foolish, is what my suggestion would be. And if it’s all the same (I honestly don’t think so) then oh well the AI is normal. Well I can at least say I can play any other part of the game and knock the AI out, without any foolishness happening even if I were to put the difficulty to max (non ranking matches).

The AI has a mind of its own, it acts up when it wants to, and to be honest if there’s anymore tinkering it’ll want to take over Skynet, no lie. :joy:

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Anyone saying the AI on the console is the same as mobile is lying.

I have several accounts on both.

Console ps4 literally rains cascades


Thanks for your response. I just must be having really bad luck lately. Maybe it is partly (or completely) to blame on recall bias. But, the ai has been getting a lot of cascades it seems lately. Also, there is quite a bit of difference in the way games play out between pc and console. The cascades are far fewer on pc than console. It is a much more enjoyable experience because games play out more based on strategy than luck. I still really enjoy playing the game, but it can be very frustrating at times.


sorry but i think there something wrong i explain

First : when i get extra like 4 or 5 the AI stole my extra turn it’s happen with (bone dragons , valkirie , boombots)

Second : why all the troops have the ability to gain 1 armor after each turn (Rowanne) not working?

Third : today the game crashed 4 times in pvp and result has a defeat for me not to mention a few time i have an error message

i play the game everyday 6 hours (na i have not a job) please fix these bugs before the new update 2.2 coming and sorry to say that before the servers change i didn’t have these bugs hope tomorow the weekly reset work correctly not like last monday we count on you devs see ya !!!

They ignore it man. Ive had 2 legendary tasks rewards bug out today alone on console. I dont get why @Sirrian acts like they are even close to the same. Cause its honestly nothing alike.


I feel for me when I play PvP (ranked) at least, it’s about luck more than strategy. The games is cool but I think strategy should be more focused than luck, this ain’t Las Vegas is what I’m saying. Trust me you’re not having any bad luck. Do you know how to play this game? Isn’t it obvious that you need to match this and that in order to knock out the AI? (Besides the obvious)

Did you notice when playing a few matches here and there, there is no gems in order for you to match so that you can at least have a chance? If yes to all this then call this number… LOL Nah, I’m kidding, stinking infomercials are in my head. :sweat_smile::laughing:

But seriously, you noticed something is up and this guy noticed something is up and the gentleman in the back row and the lady in the corner noticed something is up, then relax, it’ll get looked into, but don’t for one second think you have any bad luck, it’s just foolishness from the AI, next minute you’ll be saying to yourself maybe it’s my troops, when the next minute you see AI using the same troops and then knocking you out in more ways than one, (sure you’ll win and lose but still). You’re fine trust me, enjoy the game. :+1:

First off if I want a challenge I play on console. It’s certainly the more frustrating of the 2 versions devs. Lol, love watching the console ai not follow a script. A lot harder to set-up the ai compared to the PC version. Amount of times I think to myself This match should and would be over if I was on my PC account.
@Sirrian my kids hate this game on console cause of the differences in the 2 versions. To frustrating for them so they just stick to the easier PC version.

Yeah It’s frustrating watching the ai getting cascades and filling up all 4troops in 1turn. Usually its 4-5match on the top row continuous until all 4 troops are filled up. Zero mana to full in one turn. I very rarely see that on PC.


@death You probably just don’t know how to play :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, yeah probably not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey GREEK and everyone else,

For starters, I would recommend giving this post a look for some more information about how the AI works.

As for cascades, I do recommend reading the article written by @Sirrian in his above post. Although if you do feel like the AI is still cheating too much, putting the game on Normal difficulty will definitely stop the AI from getting as many cascades.

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Dear devs,

I’m tired of all these cheating stupid humans! Not only do they get to go first every game, they keep getting all these cascades and 4 matches! Half the time it seems I lose half my troops before my first turn!

, sincerely
Gow ai


PS. Why do they keep stealing my traitstones when I lose but if I win, all I get are a few measly PvP points. No gold, no trophies, no nothing of value. That just doesn’t seem fair.

On the other hand, @Sirrian isn’t familiar with the console ai code. He knows what’s supposed to be there, but maybe there are some bugs that break the combo breaker. @Mr.Strange I think implemented the last console ai upgrade for pvp gem preference. So it’s possible the console ai acts a bit differently than expected / documented, and you’d really have to dig into the code to be sure.

Which console dev actually codes the console ai?

I’ll confirm that there is no notion of “cheating” in the AI. That sounds like a lot of work, frankly!

We haven’t touched the console code in several months now, but for whatever it’s worth there is absolutely no cheating on our side.

The only possible difference could be that we have LESS cheating (in the player’s favor) than the PC version. As Sirrian said, there is code that cheats in the player’s favor by means of the combo-breaker. It’s possible there have developed small differences here and there.


You going to be coming back to play GoW once Guild Wars is released?

It’s a distinct possibility! When I stopped GoW cold-turkey, I also stopped my daily Injustice (mobile) games. Then SolForge was shut down, so I’ve had a lot of extra game-time on my hands. Nice to be able to explore more, but sometimes it’s nice to have a good game to grind on…

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I love when someone says “listen to what @Sirrian said”

meanwhile, hes not familiar with that code and they haven’t changed it in months…and its been complete crap for months.

Literally, every other match ends up being a “lets watch the AI drop cascades from 3 gem matches for 5 minutes”

Keep in mind…I love GOW…and I play it on every version. But acting like its the same minus that it “just cheats less”…is basically telling me and everyone that you aren’t actually playing/testing the PS4 version. Because its literally like comparing a local carnival ride to Disney world. That’s how bad the difference is in fighting the AI.

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