DarkWarriors chat (all friends are also welcome)

Our guild is not recruiting just now. We got frustrated because of the chat being so broken that we’re going to have a shot at just using a thread here for our discussions.


I’ve been trying to say that I just got my Emperor Korvash team up and running, it’s much better than anything I’ve done before this. It will really help me grab a bunch more trophies to help advance our guild ranking.

I’ve been trait farming for arcane shield stones to get his stone skin trait activated . I’ve been doing explore at broken spire.
Here are my numbers so far. I have successfully gotten 2 arcane shield stones.
To get there I have done 45 minor, 21 major, 12 runic, and one celestial. Overall that means about 35 battles for each arcane stone. Does that sound about right, and is there any better way anyone knows of getting specific stones?

Just to share a work around of chat problem with you:
If you want your stuff to not get randomly erased after each line you type in exit the chat. You will see a short loading icon and that means something like chat remembering your last sentence. So 5 lines 5 times close and reopen. Every line will remain :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll do that, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to reliably get it to work at all. It seems broken in so many different ways. Quite often, I will type in a line, hit enter, and it will just simply disappear. Or, it freezes the game entirely, and I have to quit and restart. I’m sure the developers must be aware of it, but I’m going to send them a query about it as well. After struggling with it for a few weeks, it’s such a relief to come here and be able to just write a simple sentence and have it work!

Well, thanks @DonBoba I usually be doing this, but is so tired and boring if you are having a conversation and you wanted it to stay there for the rest of the guild.

Especially being international guild (lol), I mean that many people join the game when I m sleeping , and when I play them are sleeping. It´s a little bit frustrating. You be the first in make the Mean Machine chat in forums also so you had similar problems.

Good job Rhea I m expected if many people join this, not much active in guild chat.
Let´s see if they enter the chat a little.

Where´s the cake? disappeared… it was funny :smiley:

Yeah we made it too, for if we need to say something important like planing on legendary quests etc. :slight_smile:

yeahh legendary tasks (really exists)

not really, we still far away for the legendary tasks but for a conversation is absolutely much better.

Yes, it’s not quite as convenient as just hitting the chat while in game, But it works so much better. I will just plan on keeping this window open in my browser. And the forum default is that it notifies you when a new comment appears in this thread.

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I did contact customer support and ask if they could give me any hope of using the guild chat anytime soon. I just got this reply:

I see you have encountered Guild Chat Issues while playing.

Thanks for letting us know about this! This is an issue we’ve been made aware of previously, and are currently working to solve it. We hope to have fix out as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you need any more help.

glad we have a chat room for our guild . so what kind of things will we descuss here ? team builds ? guild tasks?

@Rhea : I also use an EK team now . just got it stoneskinned a couple of days ago … makes traitstone farming much easier and faster . should i post my team here?

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post here what you want, welcome we are three

guild chat dies in second sentence, so here is better way

Not to hijack or anything, just wanted to share… There is a great chat system that other guilds have been using, as well as one for the community. Discord can be opened in a browser, or you can download an app for mobile or PC. It is pretty easy to use, and looks really clean. Not to mention, if you want to, you can get notifications on it just like a forum.

Thanks, I know about discord, the problem is the few activity in chat of the rest of the members.

Let´s give them a time and see what happened. Maybe we need them discord.

So what is the best way to accumulate gold? The best way I’ve found is PVP battles with the Dragon armor doubling my gold.
Looking at the guild roster, I see some people that are donating large amounts of gold, without maxing out their seals. For instance, right now, squiggles chicken has only done 750 seals, but has contributed about 250,000 gold. I could never accumulate that much gold without maxing out my seals.

to accumulate gold the best way is PvP. I explain the method:

You fight during the week as much as you can, winning a lot of glory, experience and gold.

When the week restart all glory I put into the new weekly chests that costs glory and gives you gold, troop, souls, gems. I can buy more less 6,7 of each every week (so useful for traitstones), so I usually begins week without any fight with near 120000 gold.

Of course more level more ratio% gold you can win.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been spending all of my glory on. This week I was glory farming to be able to buy enough of the chest with the stones for my Crimson bat. Made it! My deck has been just getting better and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it this week.

I think I just wasn’t adding up how much money I’m putting in the building up kingdoms. Of course, the more I do that, the more resources they give me. I think I have 10 of them at level 10 by now, and the rest at five. At some point, I will get them all up to ten and then I’ll be able to contribute much larger amounts of cash.

That´s the way Rhea. When you level up all kingdoms to 10, you are not going to need gold for them.

Then you need to become getting five stars on kingdoms, to get the double bonus.

More gold income to you for each kingdom. I recommend Magic Kingdoms first.

Hi guys. Do you think 40k seals is actually achievable every week, even with active players? It only takes a few people to have a rough week and it doesn’t happen.

not at the moment, that´s why we are thinking to put a minimum requirements.

We are climbing by the work of a few people, others are levelling, good, but others don´t do anything more than collect rewards.
that´s not the way.

I guess cull the dead wood.