COWGIRLS FROM HELL is now recruiting

Welcome to my new guild that might turn into a new sister guild for CFH. We are open to Veterans and new players.
Our requirements are 200,000 gold, 1500 seals and 500 trophys.
If interested please leave your invite code! example of a invite code: STARSHATTERED_SO9RFF

We are the cowgirls from hell and we will ride through the flames of hell

We have several spots open still. Feel free to join.

Hey you might turn into dust from hell for sure :facepunch:

Your guild has nothing to do with us and never will! Please dont ever assume it will. We dont like leachers in our guilds who join on sunday and quit on mondays. Again k9 ranger or k9nightmare etc… stop trying to become a part of us. Thank you and get the hint!