"Content Callout" notifications appear **extremely** late

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC/Steam/Windows 7

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected this to be shown sometime while actively playing on Friday. Instead, it only happens after a full restart after the event is initiated and you enter and exit some menus.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Likely the entire time this feature has existed.

Steps to make it happen again
Three of my accounts did not do a restart during the week Starflower appeared, and never got the event callout notification in-game. The remaining one I noticed it came in an hour of play after I restarted the game, which was something like Wednesday at 3 a.m. PST, 51 hours after she became available. None of them got the notification for Tidecaller, because none of them restarted during the weekend. For Shade of Zorn, I decided to do some testing and only just now restarted the other three accounts to go through the conditions to finally make it appear.

To activate the bug, simply play any account past any daily reset (without restarting the game) where an event that would send out a event callout notification (such as a new mythic, new legendary, new class etc) would begin. Enter/exit menus, mail, play battles, and observe that you continue to get the occasional offer popup or pet rescue notification popup, but don’t ever get this event callout notification.

Restart the game. Note that you still don’t immediately get the event callout popup.

Enter and exit some menus that cause server contact (eg., mail). If you enough time has passed since your last offer, you will be shown one offer (flash offer, then weekly bundle). You still don’t get the event callout popup. Continue entering and exiting menus that cause server contact until you stop getting shown offers. Now you’ll receive the event callout notification. On my last attempt, I needed to restart, collect tribute (did nothing, but I figured I’d check if this was enough to trigger it), enter and exit PvP and return to the map to get an offer to appear, close offer, enter and exit mail to get a second offer to appear, close offer, enter and exit guild one more time and finally get the event callout for Shade of Zorn being available.

Normal casual play would have more than likely had an offer nag ready for me the entire time every single time I returned to the map, which would have made it impossible to get this event callout notification even if I had restarted the game.

In other words, the conditions for this appearing seem to be:

  • You must have restarted the game since the notification was set to start
  • You must not have any pending offers to display. If there are any pending offers, those will take precedence and you won’t get the banner notification. They might possibly prevent it from appearing entirely if you don’t perform the actions you need for the offers to be shown.
  • You must enter menus that initiate server contact to get it to appear, even if you just restarted the game.

Recommend at the very least that the priority of these event callouts be upped a little bit if you want them to get seen (check to see if they need to get shown before offers, check to see if they need to get shown after resets without restarting, check to see if they need to get shown after logging in).

I personally don’t care for them since I already know about events, the information is already on another screen, and its another screen I’d have to click through, but the way they are implemented right now is nearly non-functional.


Just chiming to say this has occurred for me without fulfilling this condition :

I’m rarely awake when the daily reset happens, and I close GoW before I go to sleep. Still, these “content callout” pop-ups always appear very late.

Take the Corsair class event. I finally got the Corsair pop-up just now. Since the event started 14 hours ago, I’ve opened and closed the game upwards of 10 times to collect tributes and actually play the game. What triggered the pop-up was collecting new mail (initiating server contact) for Defense Rewards after playing some PvP.

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Yeah I’ve seen these appear extremely late, and it’s got to be affecting some bottom-line things.

For example, I have usually already traited and leveled a legendary/mythic before the flash offer to sell me the traitstones/souls appears. Whether or not I would buy that, someone out there probably does but they won’t if they’ve already spent the resources.

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I just got the notification that the Corsair class is available.

It’s 11:30 AM on Sunday afternoon. This is dang near 3 days late, within half a day of the event ending.

It feels more like GoW has some compulsion to show me any popup every time I go to the map screen. Stop it. I went to the map screen to do something!