CONSOLE: An Update on the Update!

Strat is right. let’s not distract the devs with trophy/achievement requests as they try to catch up consoles.


Yes please, i want them to focus on this new ai they spoke of earlier. What is it going to be like, playing with a new engine under the hood.

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No update news?


MS/Sony probably took a 5 day weekend for turkey day.

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Actually many of the offices (especially the development teams) in Redmond are empty starting from Thanksgiving week all the way through to January 2nd to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. (Also to use up the accrued vacation balance…)

Don’t worry… the XBox approval process is mostly an automated process. It probably needs a few sign-offs next week and some follow-up questions on feature additions and removals.

Best Wishes,

Hey everyone!

Thanks for being so patient with us once again. We’ve had to resubmit last week following some of the issues that were found throughout the week. Some to do with our submission, others to do with the balancing for Kerberos and Wargs. Seems you never catch those critical bugs until its too late. Unfortunately because of the Thanksgiving holiday we haven’t had any updates on our submission progress, but the builds are out once again and we’re just waiting to hear back from Microsoft and Sony.


Thanks for the info, so look like another week. It’s ok more time to bank ressources :slight_smile:

Darn, another 5000 gem week? lol

I know this was only 6 days ago but any word from Sony or Microsoft about the update? -Thanks


boops topic

nuzzles random forum user


Yo, did not know you um,would do that. Give me a little warning first. bump, any updates, bump.

Hoping the patch is this week, we won’t know because it is in Sony MS hands now. It’s also real busy for them with all the new Xmas games needing zero day patches.

And I think we might be out of new troops until we get a new patch. Think there’s only one troop plus imps left.

cuddles Herdmaster plushie

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Winter imp is in chest fyi


Yup, one of our guild got him today

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Glory chest?

Yes I think so.

Hey All,

Quick update… we’re almost there, but Micrsosoft in particular keep finding random privacy issues with our chat… some of them are REALLY minor (such as issues interacting with a blocked user who happens to be in your guild), but the nature of releasing on console means we need to address them all!


Hi sirrian does it mean you need to fix then submit again?