Console 3.0.5 Known Issues

I restarted game and it look like it’s fixed now

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We are getting some inconsistent results, but restarting the game or switching profile does seem to help getting store data displaying correctly

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Bad translation english>>>> french in the mail

“collected” should be “collecté”

There are no extra Team slots.

None of the base extra 4? Or any from my VIP level. I still only have 20 total.

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Same here no additional team slot

I believe new team slots are awarded when you level up or during a purchase.


Bad translation english>>>>french

Every explanation are in english in pvp, in treasure map they are in french

Also when you got these explanation you are forced to make this move and in this situation it suck cause i was entangled

Ok yeah. I just leveled and was notified that I received 28 new team slots. I have a total of 29 team slots now, so I guess it wasn’t counting the ones I’d already unlocked. Sweet.

Also, I did encounter a bug where the gems didn’t fall down after a match. So there was a huge empty space in the far right column for several turns. I couldn’t tell if the gems were there and just invisible or what. I think this was also part of the same bug but the gems that fly off the bottom of the screen after the gem match were stuck near the bottom of the screen. It’s like the ‘gem matching animation’ just froze before the empty space was refilled and the old gems removed from the screen.

Confirmed as working…

Leveled up and received a message about gaining 30 new team slots. In my team roster I now have 31 Team slots.

I was playing when I used Justice to create skulls and 4 skulls came up and Luther told me to match the 4 skulls for a critical hit. I ignored his advice and used Mab’s spell and then the 4 skulls that Luther wanted me to match became twice as big and was superimposed on my monitor.

I just cast another spell and they moved back in place


It seems to count the number from your original team slot from level 1. So it’s counting the ones you already have as well. Confused the hell out of me first when it happened on the Unity beta.

First trait Text description in french is confusing, it should be “Gagne 5 d’attaque quand se prend des dégâts” (on xbox one)

It would seem his third trait has incorrect text as well. (though you might need to test it to confirm) I believe it should say that all orcs start with 50% mana.

Yeah found the 2nd and 3rd traits weird as well :slight_smile:

Same for the orc first trait

And this one first trait

Fel’Dra also first trait should be “Gagne 2 de magie quand se prend des dégâts”

And cyclop 2nd trait and dark song 2nd trait

Just encountered a game breaking bug on PS4. During an arena game, a pop up advising me to take a 5x match popped up. I didn’t want to take that move yet as I had Satyr’s ability available. I activated Satyr’s ability while the pop up was still on the screen and the game pretty much froze. The gems that made up the 5x combo were removed from the board and I was unable to do anything. After a minute or so the game crashed and I received the error code CE-34878-0. Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot in time.

It’s meant to be “when I lose life” what should that translate to?