Console 2.2 Known Issues

downloading update now xbox 1

Neither Bul’Tauros nor Rowanne seem to be working properly. At least not the way they did before, and there’s no indication from their tool tip that the boost ratio has changed. The damage they do seems like it might be scaling off the enemy’s stats, perhaps, instead of my own.

For example, after I had initially attacked one opposing troop, I cast the Stampede spell. My Bul’Tauros has 57 Life, and a Stampede damage of 27, so he should have been doing 84 damage, but he only did 40 damage. On the next game, when I cast it without initially attacking my opponent, I did 78 damage. And Rowanne seems to be behaving similarly.

Any ideas?

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Gamma slider has now disappeared on PS4 options menu, not sure if this is intentional or a ‘feature’… reaching for TV remote already because everything is looking very bright. Thanks for the update though :smile:

Well i was hoping it was true lol path of glory 80% sales and 0$


Some very odd things are happen when I try to change banner. (Seems to be specifically the Kraken Banner).

@Sirrian @Alpheon Unfortunately the update appears to have broken my game. The moment I log in, I just get inundated with repeated error messages regarding a purchase (I have not made any purchases recently).

Screenshot of error message:

Video to follow

Might this be related to my broken store issue pre-update? (In between error messages I seem to be able to navigate into the store now)

Hi Vega, we’re looking into this issue - it’s something that we can fix on the server. Have you ever had any issues with a purchase not redeeming in the past?

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(Xbox One) I can’t change ANY of my teams banners, it just keeps reverting to whatever it was before the update.

Yes, I have. Please see my support ticket for details, but the short version is that I had a bestial bundle and a bag of gems code not redeem properly.

Video is now uploaded:

Unfortunately I don’t have immediate access to our support ticket system so I can’t see the details, however I do know what is happening with these errors. We shall get it fixed and pushed out shortly. This should also fix your store.

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Great, very happy to see such a fast response.

The fix should now be live, and the errors should disappear if you restart the game (if you haven’t already). :slight_smile:

This also includes a fix to the banners problem @Zach & @SpecialRX mentioned.

I noticed that the 15 day soul pack, and the 15 day treasure map pack cost $1-$2 more than the pc version. Is this intentional? I forgot to screenshot it, maybe someone else can provide one.

Luther won’t leave me alone. Every time I collect mail, change hero armor, open keys or change something in the troops menu he keeps reminding me about the event system.


Promote and Demote button still disappears as you scroll down the guild list.

I have noticed everything is more expensive than the PC version.





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I didn’t check everything, I just remember seeing the souls and treasure map packs were $6.99 in my store on console. $4.99 is correct on pc.

Thanks for providing those screenshots Maxx, really helps.

I only logged in for about 5 minutes to see all the new changes, hardly enough time to fully check anything. lol

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Every achievement unlocked exept champion of pvp, i presume it is because i was tier one before the update?


Any way to remove the events notification? I see this every time i come back to map

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How did you earn The Emperor? I’ve unlocked every kingdom…