Console 2.1.5 Known Issues

With the 2.1.5 update about to drop on Xbox and PS4, come here to report any issues you may find!

Updated: 27th Febuary 2017, 9:00AM AEDT


  • Errors on game completion about mismatched tokens still happening, causing lost progress or losses that should’ve been wins.


  • Selected Chat Room is not being saved and is being reset to the default room. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Collecting Legendary troops post messages to global chat. Status: Has been removed from Global Chat. Mythic messages will still be displayed.
  • Text appearing twice in chat.
  • Chat messages are not being displayed after submitting.
  • Chat may get stuck on loading animation when attempting to connect to chat. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Chat will censor words it shouldn’t. (i.e ‘Support’ on Xbox)

Chests Menu

  • When switching tabs from VIP to Event, both troop cards and celestial trait stones icons appear merged on top of one another. Status: Should be fixed in next update


  • Character Avatars can display without a body. Status: Should only happen when viewing player avatars who have not played in the new version
  • Game crashing while opening chests. Status: Under Investigation. You should still receive the rewards if this does happen and you have lost resources, as this is all calculated from the server.
  • Kingdom Doesn’t Match error.
  • Lapina Character was not being saved correctly when picking appearance. Status: Should now be fixed!
  • [PS4] Trophy does not unlock when joining a guild. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Some character avatars do not fit in their card in PvP Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Total troop count is incorrect, is always the total number of unique troops, plus the hero.


  • When selecting a guild member near the bottom of the list, the pop up menu is offscreen. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • The guild league tab will take a moment to initialise before displaying the correct information. Status: Under Investigation
  • Guild Statues were displaying incorrect mastery values in their summary menu. Status: This is now Fixed and displays correctly
  • Guild Statue Bonuses are not displaying in the bonuses section on the world map. This is a display bug only, bonuses are still applying to final values given. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Yellow Guild Statue Treasure Map turn bonus not applying to the number of turns in the treasure map minigame. This is fixed now. To update the number of turns given in the treasure game, a game restart is required however. Status: Fixed, but will be required to restart when the bonus increases
  • Guild store tab may sometimes freeze until the guild packs are available. Status: Guild store items should now be displayed in the store for all regions and devices.
  • Guild rewards were incorrect values of rewards. Status: Has been Fixed
  • “You are not in a Guild” error displays during login when the player is still in a guild. Status: Under Investigation
  • Guild stat bonuses are not be applying to the hero troop. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Guild Mail shows the incorrect name for who completed the task. Status: Unable to fix due to limitations of a change to guild mail


  • +100 gold bonus for having 6 starred the kingdom is displaying in the Quest gold total instead of Kingdom Power total.


  • Global chat title is ‘Gloabal’ in French instead of ‘Global’.
  • Post level 1000 reward mail shows text in only in English. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Cocatrice’s third trait description is incorrect. ‘les’ should be removed, and ‘enchevêtrées’ should be ‘enchevêtrés’.


  • Game can randomly hang for an extended period of time when first starting some activities. This doesn’t appear to be consistent. Status: Under Investigation. Any specific details about where these freezes occur and a description on what was happening before it hangs would be appreciated UPDATE: We have found some possible causes of this issue which we have changed to hopefully reduce these hangs that will be in the new update.

Sound Effects

  • When collecting rewards, no sound effect is played.
  • Sound effects are missing for specific troops and interactions. Status: Under Investigation. Could someone confirm if all sound effects stop playing (like in the previous version), or only certain instances of sound effects missing?
  • Music in Khetar and possibly other locations are not playing. Status: Under Investigation. Possibly due to the same issue as the above point

Spells and Traits

  • Traits which adjust a random skill (e.g. Aspects of Plague) does not clearly show that a skill with 0 points is being targeted. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Soothsayer’s spell casts when there are no gems to target. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Barbearus and Ranger show an incorrect boost ratio. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • When attempting to devour a troop that is immune to devour, it is possible for on kill traits to trigger. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Kerberos’ spell can trigger its Gate Guardian trait twice if the consume effect is triggered. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Transform effects during Quest, Challenge, and Explore battles appear to be able to crash the game in some cases. Status: Will be fixed in next update.
  • Randomly Split damage is having more damage than the available health applied to troops that it would kill, instead of passing that damage on to the remaining troops. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Devouring a troop with an on death trait effect causes the trait to activate twice. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Gaining life on a troop with 0 Health causes it to still be alive (but may still end the game if it is the final troop). Status: Should be fixed in the next update
  • Game does not load for all users in a guild at specific times. Status: Under Investigation. If this does happen to your guild, please contact support.
  • Gloom Leaf’s thorns trait crashes the game when defeating the last opponent. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Bone Dragon casts spell with no armor to remove freezes the game.
  • Using Grand Inquisitor’s spell with a Priest Class hero causes the game to lock up in the battle, forcing a retreat to fix. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Dust Devil’s ability may send troops off the bottom of the screen.
  • Forest Guardian’s trait will override Spirit Fox’s Empowered trait if it is activated after. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Healing a troop that has Barrier will cause the Barrier to be removed from the healed troop.
  • Heroes that should count as a certain troop type are not counting as that troop type against certain spells (i.e Desdaemona’s extra turn if the target is a demon is not triggering on Demon-type heroes).

Store Items

  • [PS4] The store items Dwarf Avatar Pack, Lapina Avatar Pack, Guild Hero pack, Guild Champion pack, and Guild Elite pack are currently not available. They will be made available as soon as possible. Status: These store items should now be available for all regions on all devices.
  • [PS4] Purchasing items from the Playstation Store does not give rewards Status: Under Investigation. Please let us know if you are getting this issue and please contact support for your missing items. Provide any useful information about this issue would be appreciated, as we are unable to reproduce this issue. UPDATE: An investigation of this issue has found multiple causes which breaks the store on PS4. The next version should improve connectivity to the store and hopefully resolve this issue!
  • [PS4] When switching tabs in the store, the game may take some time to respond (can be up to about 10-15 seconds). Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Store became completely unresponsive to navigation input. Settings menu and chat were still accessible. Status: Should be fixed in next update


  • Certain new tasks ask that the player complete tasks with X unique ‘No Troop Type’ troops. Status: This should be fixed now. If you experience this, please restart your game.
  • Task complete notification can get stuck on the screen. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • Task window disappears when receiving certain tasks. Status: Fixed
  • Win X PvP Matches task not counting revenge battles towards the total.
  • Tasks which randomly choose their Kingdom/Troop Type requirement can reset upon logging out/in again.
  • Revenge battles don’t count towards winning Ranked PvP battles task completion.

Troop Collection Menu

  • When sorting by upgradability, the icons indicating that a troop can be traited can disappear, even among troops that do display the icon before and after.
  • The hero card cannot be ascended to mythic currently.

Xbox Account Picker

  • View button on log-in screen to change your signed in account does not function correctly when already signed in to a profile. Status: Fixed
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I assume you mean “December 16, 2016”?


Fixed that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t know if it is intended but when you collect rewards, there is not sound effect

The “Contribute Max” button on the guild task screen doesn’t have any confirmation. Not sure if that was intentional, but it seems rather dangerous as a mispress could cost you tons of gold.

Also, first definite bug I’ve found, in the guild menu, on the roster view, when you click on a player’s name it has a little box on the right hand side pop up with options to promote/demote/kick etc.

This box is not functioning as intended. It appears as if the box only appears off-screen when you choose lower players on the list. Higher players on the list will have it show up properly. I recorded a video of this but it will take a bit to upload.

Kerberos’ trait Gate Guardian summons a Warg. Warg is not released.

Thanks for the early reports everyone. :slight_smile:

@VegaDark541: We didn’t add in a confirmation screen because it was meant to be a quick way to contribute easily on the lower end tasks. However, if you don’t have enough gold to complete the task, or you don’t have enough gold available to complete the task and still have 10% more than the task’s cost left, it won’t automatically contribute. For example if you try to complete a 100,000 gold task, it will only automatically contribute if you have 110,000+ gold.

@Justin: The trait change is part of the Kerberos updates. Unfortunately we can’t wait to change its trait until Warg is released.

The guild menu can freeze in the Shop section. Had that happen to me earlier. Settings and chat worked there though.


Were you not able to navigate to the other tabs any longer?

Can confirm the existence of two previously reported bugs still being in the game after the update:

-Sound is still having the same issues that were introduced with the last patch
-The “game freezes for an inordinate amount of time while it’s thinking about taking an action, usually when it’s the first time you do that action since starting up the game” issue is still around.

The update is live now on Xbox One?

When i open the chat i am always in channnel 300 by default, why not 001?

Yeah it’s live

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As with PC/Mobile, each language defaults to their own regional room. English is 1, however it should save your choice when you change channels for the future.

I am not use to this chat and sometime i don’t see where is the cursor (on the text bar or channel/ deconnection ) so i misslick on channel and you got no option to just back up, it force you to pick a new channel or log out chat

But "Gloabal"must be wrong???

Yes, it’s a spelling error that’s also in the PC/Mobile version of the game. Console players are a lot better at picking up translation errors than PC/Mobile players are in our experience XD That is how many spelling errors end up in the console version that you’ve all told us about.

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@VegaDark541 @Alpheon
I saw that (X) Button to “contribute max” and was wondering about it. I only have a couple of Million Gold saved up and the last thing Id want to do is contribute it all with none of the new Kingdoms released.

Thanks for the super useful warning to stay out of that screen.

The guild guardians are not showing the right masteries associated with their
level, all guardians are at least level 40 and the biggest mastery I have is 5 on the brown statue. I also did a treasure hunt and didn’t get the plus three additional map turns.

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