Competitive and Friendly CRIMSON SKY, RANK 33 *Recruiting OPEN*


Hi, are you still looking for new members?
I’m level 175 and looking for a more active guild than my current one. :slight_smile:
invite code would be DUCARDI_6HVW, but I’ll wait for your answer before I leave my current guild.


AIDENLFC1892_O4XJ … can contribute lots of gold play every day and always finish my seals was in crimson a few months back but decided to leave due to lots of work and lack of play time but I’m on all the time now


Room for ONE more again…rank 23 and still climbing…


Here! I’ve recently asked in this thread but haven’t got a response yet. :slight_smile:
Invite code: DUCARDI_6HVW


Adding you now…make sure you have left any current guild


I’m level 340 and an active player. I always get my 1500 seals and contribute lots of gold to the guild. Looking for an active guild to join. Invite code SHEBA_QFGV


Hi ninja! I’m not at home right now but as long as we still have an available spot when I do I’ll be sure to send you an invite. However, I wouldn’t leave your current guild until I double check and give the go ahead, unless wish beats me to it.


Do you know when Wishkiller is available? I was told to message Wish as soon as I get on my PS4 but I wasn’t at home at the time. And now I’ve been waiting for a bit already, hope that doesn’t kill my spot in the guild since I went ahead and left my old guild too :confused:


There was one inquiry before you…Next opening is yours if you want it


still looking for a guild, @Ninjaedm? We have an opening currently and I believe you were next in line, so wanted to give you first dibs.


Also, we’re now ranked 22 :slight_smile:


I would definitely like to join an active guild. I’m level 56 and play pretty much everyday. My contribution this week to my randomly joined guild is currently at 119k gold, 1161 Seals and 168 Trophies… which I will admit is a higher than average week for me, but based on your requirements I’ll never have any trouble.



The next person that replies is in…must comply with our reqs and already be gone from their guild


Bump, will check back in a few hours


I would like in


I just left my guild.


PS4 username is Ezekiel_25-17_


CLANA looking for an active guild where all members play and contribute weekly. I can do max seals per week, +600 trophies and I can donate gold, too. Started this monday and i’m lvl 72 already.


It says there’s no such user I need your exact Invite code…and are you on PS4?


will add you to the waiting list if you like