Community Guidelines


I agree with Jainus again. Freedom of speech thing - plus, if people are choosing to leave the game, you probably want to know why so you can stop it happening more, right?


I see a distinction between “Here are problems I have with the game. These are why I am leaving.” and “I’m leaving the game. So long, suckas!” It is currently permitted to make threads (and posts) about aspects of the game you don’t like. What is against the rules is to make a thread for the purpose of announcing a departure.

(Besides, I have now seen so many posts that talk about leaving the game, I can come to only two conclusions. Either people are not telling the truth when they say they are quitting, or there is a way to re-use user names after their original owner departs the game.)


but angry incendiary posts have always been my fav part of online forums :frowning:



I should amend my statement to add that, obviously, they should be shut down if they are ill-mannered.

Of course, someone quitting isn’t particularly going to care about the rules anymore, soooo good luck with enforcing this.


Freedom of speech is never an issue on a forum owned by a corporation. Simply put, there isn’t any. All forums have rules and following those is pretty much the prevailing law.


It isn’t anywhere else anymore either, it basically ceased to exist.


I am happy with this rule, though I do appreciate the feedback and ensuing discussion. If players want to discuss why they are leaving the game, as I stated, they can do so in our feedback threads. They can even PM me directly, or one of our other support agents. If this is your primary concern, there are many ways to leave feedback and for us to understand why a player has decided to leave in lieu of them making an often angry (or even abusive) thread dedicated to them leaving the game.


I think people are letting themselves get caught up in the weeds. The rule as stated barely affects anyone at all as it is merely semantics.

The devs want to promote discussion and the exchange of ideas. Which of these titles do you think would accomplish that?

  1. “I don’t like x,y,z and I think it should change in the following ways.”
  2. “That’s it I’m done selfish greedy devs.”

You can still disagree. Just do it in a way that leads to productive discussion. It’s about HOW you present your opinions. All of life is about how you present yourself.


Heads up! We have made some new changes to the guidelines. Please re-familiarise yourself with the pre-existing rules, and read the amendment below.

What are the consequences of breaking a rule?

Please be aware that the following bans and potential consequences are a rough guide. Bans are issued at our discretion, and as such, if a player exhibits behaviour that is seen as sufficiently severe, they will incur a ban that reflects this. This means that more extreme behaviour will result in a longer ban even if it is a player’s first offense. (Yes, this can include a permanent ban.)

Not everything is black and white, but we will always endeavour to be as impartial and fair as possible when banning players. Please take the time that you are banned to reflect on your behaviour. If you feel that you have been unfairly banned, or banned for a period of time that does not accurately reflect your infraction, please contact a member of staff to discuss this further. Please be aware that our decision is final, and we may or may not change our decision.

Global Chat

  • A first time offence will see 24 hour chat ban.
  • A second time offence will incur a 48 hour chat ban.
  • A third time offence will incur a week long chat ban.
  • If you commit a fourth offence you will be chat banned forever.


If you “may” change your decision, does that mean it is not actually final? :stuck_out_tongue:
*ducks, runs*


What’s that? We’ve updated our guidelines again? I’m on a guidelines rampage, it is true. Here is the latest!


Protip: Don’t hack the game!

Our game employs many anti-cheating tools, so players can be auto-banned by our system. However, we also investigate players, and ban them if we find them cheating. If you feel that you have been fallaciously banned, please contact our support so we can investigate your account. Please remember that any decisions made after being contacted are final.


How about exploits? I heard there was/is an arena exploit, tho i dont know what exactly it is or if it is fixed. Does it result in resources removed or account banned?


Stop it with your useful contributions to the forums, already. Enough is enough!


I thought it was time to add this in writing to our Community Guidelines.


Does this just apply to your streams or all streamers of GoW?


Share his streams. Not his codes, if it is a violation of the community guidelines.

Also, I suggest you read up on all the community guidelines. Such as…

I made it easy by providing you the cliff notes. You’re welcome. :grinning:


The ones you so vindictively point out, also apply to your own use of language. Appearing helpful but if one reads between the lines, the sarcasm is evident.

Stones. Glass houses.

None of what I have done was to troll. Rather, it is to help new players.

It is not against the rules to post codes not released by InfinityPlusTwo on their stream. If they do update their policy to reflect that they do not wish it, then of course those are to be followed.


We prefer that codes do not be released to the public in good faith. They are used to reward viewers and people that interact with our streamers and community at large. I do not want to make an explicit rule that states that codes cannot be released, as I would like to have faith in our community at large.

So, I will simply ask. Please do not release codes on stream in public places such as our forums, social media channels or global chat. :slight_smile: