Community Guidelines


Please be aware that I have updated the community guidelines. I recommend re-familiarising yourself with the existing guidelines as well. :slight_smile:


There has been a huge clean up and re-work of our Community Guidelines. Please re-familiarise yourself with the new guidelines in the first post of this thread.


Don’t be a douche.


George Carlin would be proud.


Is there a way to find out how long a ban is? Apparently my first time offence is longer than 24 hours…


Any rules against making false allegations and doctoring those photos to support their claim?
If not… There should be. :grinning:


i flatly deny that comment… unless you have video evidence then i plead insanity :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:


Sneaky cheeky update. It goes without saying, but sometimes you still gotta say something.


Can we consider adding “intentionally spreading misinformation” to the list, please? It’s starting to become a problem in the past few months.

Misunderstanding information by mistake is perfectly okay, but knowingly do it to cause argument like a troll is not. In my opinion at least anyway.


I think this is a good idea!


So we can’t have stupidity also being branded as against the guidelines? Now that’s a shame.


We have an update to our Community Guidelines! Please read what it is below, and if necessary, re-familiarise yourself with our pre-existing rules.

The PG-13 Line

Sometimes there are things that are said which don’t clearly violate out pre-existing guidelines. However, there are instances where while something may not technically break a rule, it is still harmful, inappropriate or best not mentioned in polite company.

This is where the PG-13 line comes in. We want you to have fun and be able to express yourself, but if we feel that something significantly crosses this line, you may be banned. A good way to frame this is by thinking about the following:

  • Am I posting this for shock value? If so, probably best not to post it.
  • Am I trying to goad someone into an argument? If so, maybe don’t.
  • Am I comfortable with my children reading this? If not, don’t post the thing. (And if it’s very inappropriate and you would, maybe re-evaluate some of your choices. :P)


Sort of like for people who have nothing relevant or useful to say and just hang around throwing rocks?


No OT tonight.”