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I suggest regulars can just post their farewell messages in the Lounge…


Did you all know that Salty is the best?


no sirrian is :sunglasses:


Let @Cyrup voice her opinion.


Salty made me do it.


Please add a rule, post should contain 3 paragraphs of 4 sentences only. Longer then this you lost me lol


There has been an influx in call out threads today. Enough is enough. We are in the process of investigating several players and guilds.


Why are the prices different between devices. I noticed this on my Xbox One and my iPhone.

3.3 Feedback and suggestions

Could variety between your vip levels between Xbox and or mobile/pc?


You could be correct. I didn’t think the vip levels would adjust that part though.


You’re right, they should be same and unaffected by vip level.
No one probably noticed since gems for souls or gold is a bad deal.


I’ve reposted this to a more relevant thread:

Please continue the discussion there.


We have some updates to our Community Guidfelines. Familiarise yourselves, adventurers!!!

Why do dead guilds get registered for Guild Wars?

Where? Certainly not on the forums :thinking:





I just noticed that this old pinned thread - one new users will see immediately because of its pinned status - links to this outdated FAQ of the community guidelines. You might want to consider updating the FAQ/just linking to this thread instead.


I do know that there is a place related to Psn to report issues and also via the “xmb” or message system for major reports related to some things, yet if there is an issue in global chat and we have video or screen shots where do we report them? I would feel uncomfortable reporting those things on the forums in the open, and it is unclear in this thread where such reports should go.

Thanks in advance…


They aren’t supposed to be posted in a public thread here as it’s either a call out or whatever is in the screenshot is likely innapropriate to post. I believe those reports are supposed to be submitted via a ticket (there’s an abuse category I believe) or to one of the devs here via pm, I assume probably @Saltypatra or @Cyrup, they can correct me if I’m wrong.


If you are referring to a Player report then they can be done in a PM (private message, @Saltypatra @Cyrup, or @Kafka) on the forums or you can submit a ticket as a ‘Player Report’.


Awesome to know @vanyel and @cyrup. I appreciate the info and speedy response. Yea posting that stuff in public would not be great which is why I asked. I just found out about bug reports yet was not sure about chat on global issues I have seen in my very short time here on this game. So thanks a bunch.