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I suggest regulars can just post their farewell messages in the Lounge…


Did you all know that Salty is the best?


no sirrian is :sunglasses:


Let @Cyrup voice her opinion.


Salty made me do it.


Please add a rule, post should contain 3 paragraphs of 4 sentences only. Longer then this you lost me lol


There has been an influx in call out threads today. Enough is enough. We are in the process of investigating several players and guilds.


Why are the prices different between devices. I noticed this on my Xbox One and my iPhone.


Could variety between your vip levels between Xbox and or mobile/pc?


You could be correct. I didn’t think the vip levels would adjust that part though.


You’re right, they should be same and unaffected by vip level.
No one probably noticed since gems for souls or gold is a bad deal.


I’ve reposted this to a more relevant thread:

Please continue the discussion there.