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Nope you’re just narcissistic… and no one took the leaving threads seriously as I think you’ve left many times… :grin:


Yeah? Ok… So you wanna call me names? Thats fine…


Thank you for your input.

Good day sir


Besides @Jainus calling me a narcissist is rich coming from you

Jus’ sayin’


Truth is hard to deny, no matter how hard one might try.





Are we seriously calling each other out IN THE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES?


Draw up the banhammer


I’m sorry but there’s a part of me that kinda hopes the thread gets locked from too many flags. Too much irony to process.


I simply made an observation. But as it goes around here 70% of the time when i post anything there is no shortage of people to call me names as a response… Thats life huh?


BTW everyone. It’s a public holiday in Melbourne, Australia tomorrow. So…RUN AMOK !!!


Oh god. Please don’t. I’d like to actually have a day off.


New forum Rule!

Flagging and You! - A Guide to Flags

I would like to personally thank @Saltypatra and @Ozball for this! This should help bring the forums back to being what they used to be for me and many others!

So thank you very much! :sunglasses:


Can you add “first!” posts to this? they add no value to the thread and are just spam.


+1 to this


Meh, it’s only done on the weekly new troop release. I see your point, I don’t do it, I just ignore it.


But this is so annoying i hate those people always so competitive and when i read these 5 letter omg i am so pissed


But @Rickygervais, you’re the main one.


I think its dumb to block people saying farewell to a game and it shows me its good I am leaving. I don’t see why its bad saying goodbye when you were a fan and a regular poster. Kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth you try to limit people that way. Good luck


We have been discussing making this change for a long time, and we decided to go ahead with it due to an influx of like-minded threads. This decision was not made lightly.

Thanks for playing Gems of War, and I hope you enjoy all the gaming you do in the future.