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@NekrosLucem i just want to be clear

I have no problem with salty. She is awesome.

My problem is with the lack of mods during the day time here which is over night in Australia. Salty said she was working on this and i trust her.

Until then i will be a ghost and the only reason i am posting now is so nobody thinks i was talkin bad about salty.


@Vangor Oh I know you weren’t hun. I think a lot of us would love Salty clones for more mods.


I worry about what would happen to the world if there were more than one of me. That being said, if I could clone myself I would!


Welcome back to the forum, @Vangor. Things have been pretty quiet around here!


Ty @Lyya i am sure the inactivity on the boards had nothing to do with my absence


Ok everyone i was just informed by @turintuor that name calling was NOT against the rules so please feel free to call me all the names you have always wanted to but didnt because you didnt want to get in trouble…

The bad guy™


3 topics now. Whoa you really want the projector on you. Act 2, scene 4?

No name was given in the post that you target.


Yes i have made a post on 3 topics today.

The nerve i have to post on 3 whole topics of YOUR forums

I am sorry to have stepped out of my designated place as a peasant


I never said that you are/were a peasant. Can you stop to say that I told you something that I never said?


I didnt say you said it. You are treating me as tho you are better than me. Thats my point


Who do you say that? I just try to discuss with you.



Im losing my patience and frustrated


Well, that got off topic quickly.

Im losing my patience and frustrated

Update! We have a new rule in our Community Guidelines!


Very good news im really tired to see these dear john letter. Nothing positive come from them


I am glad leaving is still allowed. I was worried for a second there.


I will have not a problem if you have said that “Any leaving the game threads will be locked” (ant not “deleted”).
So next step is to remove all posts that have some negative point of view about your game?


I did consider just locking them, but they do flood the forums and are largely unnecessary.

We would never remove all the negative posts regarding the game. We have always endeavoured to let everyone’s opinion be heard, and will continue to do so as it’s very important to us. Threads that have no point and announce a player is quitting (only for them to very often return) do not help the developers or other players. Feedback? Absolutely. Quitting threads? Not a bit.


Heh… I cant help but think this is all directed at me. Maybe i am narcissistic but it seems several rules have been made because of me


Maybe take note then… :upside_down_face::thinking: