Community Guidelines


I don’t know what you’re talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont watch GoT but i read the books… How far is the show into the story?

Btw the “red wedding” comment from @Saltypatra made me lol


IMO, NO Spoilers of any kind whatsoever


Your comment is a spoiler if they actually enact that rule. :stuck_out_tongue:




Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to ban myself?

Also, I can’t bear waiting anymore, Tacet. Did you notice what @Ozball changed your title too?


@Saltypatra i just noticed @Tacet’s titleand lololololololololol!

Are you sure it was @Ozball and not someone a bit um… Salty-er lol


I can almost confirm it was you. Ozball didn’t even know he was a mod prior to it happening. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perish the thought. Definitely @Ozball.


The Game of Thrones Spoiler part is HILARIOUS!!!


Morning, everyone!

I have a few things to say, and an update to our community guidelines. First off, here’s the update!

Secondly, some nitty gritty!

After the events that happened over the weekend on the forums, I will be endeavouring to enforce our community guidelines more strictly. In the past I have been pretty lax, allowing some behaviour to go unchecked if it toed the line. However, I will be issuing warnings and ban with more frequency moving forward.

I really prefer not to issue warnings or bans, but I will if I have too. Every time I do so I will make sure to contact the offender and explain why. Also, I never want to censor anyone from stating their opinion, whether it is positive or negative about the game. This is a forum for all kinds of discussion, and I never want to limit that. You are free to state your opinion, no matter what it is, or what part of the game it concerns, as long as you follow the community guidelines.

Well, that’s it for now! Have a great day!


How long are bans on the forums?


The forum bans act the same way as the global chat bans.


24h? 48h? 3 days, 1 week? forever?


Yep, just like the global chat bans. However, if we feel that the rules have been violated in an extreme way, we reserve the right to take further measures and issue longer bans. It also depends on the level of the offense in question.


These rules apply to everyone equally right?


Ok, no more bragging about I have more hair than Sirrian. Or that salty is pretty.

Had no idea this was an issue, only a handful of people have real pics up.


Shouldn’t this be, “See what you did there, Yoda does”? :wink:


Ok after some thought, it would seem to me that the best thing for the health of these forums and my own sanity would be a couple more mods. @Saltypatra said she was working on that and these things take time i know but i cant deal with the stress anymore so until we have more mods this forum shall be vangor-free…

Thanks and godspeed


@Vangor As long as the new mods uphold the community guidelines and not seemingly contort them beyond the given perspective. I have encountered mods in my years with games who list what is a don’t to members, then equally break them themselves if not repeatedly. And from what I see of @Saltypatra she does very well as a good mod. She doesn’t try to exist past the rules that get set down. And the other point I like is she responds to posts as a person. And trust me over years mods usually post in very plain and apathetic ways. Without really connecting to their communities. So enjoy she does this. And usually I do not have nice thoughts about mods as many just overextend themselves past the rules. Maybe I haven’t been here too long. Though I have read tons of her posts. And still level headed, humanistic in her replies, firm when shes needed to be, and usually as helpful as she can be. And I normally do not give compliments. So there is a rare one from me.