Community Guidelines


This is the funniest thing I have read all day :smiley:


Then press like button


I said it amused me. I wouldn’t like to give the impression that I like the idea though. Sorry but on recent behaviours and flagging I struggle to see many people around here less suitable.


I also complete discobot tutorial to add my professionalism here.


That’s great! Your next step will be to demonstrate a deep understanding of the community guidelines in your interactions with forum members for the next 18 months. When that’s done, post here again and I’ll tell you the next step.


Did you unlock discobot warp zone?
You need to find the flute first


Yet another request that if granted would cause me to quit gow permanently


3rd white platform and hold down for 2 seconds right?


I see you found it




These forums don’t even have moderators. We have a community manager and the occasional staff member popping in, but moderators aren’t necessary except for the occasional troll-poster which can be reported to quickly get an admins attention.

You want to play mod? Report posts that go against the community guidelines, no special title needed.


Yes please! Report to me all the things.

Also, I’ve already addressed the issue with Tache. I was active on Discord even while I was at a convention over the weekend and said I would look into it first thing Monday morning when I was back in the office.


Only 3 days ban? This is the 2nd violation


I felt it was more extreme so made it three days.


Lol ok i was comparing with 2 guys who been spamming thread with memes and got banned 20 years :slight_smile:


We do things good and proper like now. :stuck_out_tongue:


In one of those cases its not just that ONE single incident. I have been on the internet a long time (even before even AOL). And a week or two before the ban one of them made completely over the top highly offensive and derogatory attack against a developer that even I was surprised at after years of reading such nonsense.

I’m sure that it was a was a pattern of behavior, and not a few silly pictures.


Oh i guess i missed that part


I’ve made a change to the Community Guidelines, so everyone is aware nice and early.


AMG GoT spoiler!