Comfortably Numb (30/30) recruiting on Xbox One!


Sent. And Walter, huh? Is that a Jeff Dunham reference? Lol.


Hah! Nope, actually my name. Sends me through a loop every time I watch him though!


Oh, nice, man. I just guess that because it was the first thing that came to mind. Haha.


:slight_smile: groovy, so i’m I’m. Any Discord or Band I should join for the guild? Or do you just freestyle with in game chat?


I’ll message you on here, hold on.


Hi there. I’m grafting away every day (hit 1500 seals by Wednesday each week), I’ve got to level 179 in just a few weeks. I’d really like to be in a more active guild!

Invite code: FOXACHE_H6P7


I actually only have one spot open. A guy plans on coming after Invasions are over. If he falls through or another spot opens up and you would like to join then, I’ll happily add you. Sorry that I can’t do it at this time.


Hey, man. I looked at our Roster and there’s a member I’m not really pleased with, performance wise, so if you would still like a spot, I can offer one to you.


That’s great! Count me in. :slight_smile:


You need to leave your current Guild so I can invite you.


Ah, sorry. Done now.