:gem_doomskull: Come join the fAWRmily! Rank 6, GW BR 1, 70+ "Epic" Tasks Weekly, 40k chests (Tuesdays), and 59 Unique Pets have already joined AWR. Why haven't you? AWR 30/30, GNR 30/30, FTR 29/30(Sunday), RAR 28/30, SNR 30/30


Position is now closed. Thank you for your interest.


One position open for FTR.


FTR is now full. Thanks for your interest.


FTR has 3 immediate openings. Please contact either myself or @Macaudora asap. Thank you in advance.


2 spots still open.


Only one spot left. Let me know asap!


Now full. Thanks!


Need 1 player for AWR beginning Monday (4/31). Currently rank 18. If interested please message me or join our discord server


Still need 2 for AWR… Should be able to join on Friday.
One spot left in GNR ATM.


GNR is now full. Still need 2 for AWR. They will be able to join after Portal 10 is closed this week.


FTR is also in need of 3. Contact me ASAP if you’d like to join AWR or FTR.


One position still left in GNR, please contact @Flakricket asap.
One position left in FTR as well, please contact @Macaudora asap.


GNR - Has two immediate openings please contact @Flakricket on here or on Discord, Flakricket#8514
FTR - Has five immediate openings please contact
@Macaudora on here or on Discord, Rezzberian#3844


In addition to spots in GNR and FTR.
AWR now has an opening for a full time member. Or an individual with Guild War Bracket 1 experience willing to be in AWR and GNR.
If interested, please join our server https://discord.gg/ejpZtek or add me on discord A.W.Ryan#6052


AWR is now full.
GNR is now full.
FTR has 4 openings left and will stay open until full.


1 spot left in FTR, if interested please contact @Sean


1 position currently open in Fear the RNG. Please contact @Sean if interested in joining.
(Now full thanks!)


All 3 guilds are now full. Thanks. :grinning:


4 spots are available in FTR please contact @Macaudora if interested.


4 spots available in FTR still
And 1 spot open in AWR.
Please contact me if interested. :grinning: