:gem_doomskull: Come join the fAWRmily! Rank 4-3k, GW[ ]1-300, 2 tasks - 70+ Legendary Tasks Weekly, 10k-40k chests, and 73 Unique Pets have already joined AWR(at least seven members have 73). Why haven't you? 150/150


-If interested in AWR or SNR please join our Discord Server https://discord.gg/gnNBvdc or add me on discord A.W.Ryan#6052
-If interested in Gems N Roses, please contact @Reil_Wen on here.
-If interested in joining Fear the RNG, please contact @Jazzy or @Danovar on here.
-If interested in joining Rage Against the RFG, please contact @Macaudora on here.

Pets From Rescues (nine from personal Renown)

Level 175 player looking for a guild
Level 1060 looking for new guild
Lvl 1000+ player LF strong but relaxed guild
Two Looking for a guild
3 Veterans players looking for a new home
Level 1200+ player seeking new guild - Closed Guild found
(I have found a guild, please ignore.)
Still chasing a guild
Daily player - Lvl 1067 Seeks New Guild
Lvl 1127 looking for a guild
Back once again
Looking for a new and active guild CLOSED
Returning player looking for a casual guild

Position is still open but will be closed before reset tonight.


Update: We are now full. But feel free to join our server and add your name to our waiting list. If there’s one thing you can always count on in Gems of War. It’s openings in guilds. :smile:

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We currently have one opening that won’t stay open very long.


ATM, we are full. But please contact me if interested in joining in the future.


Guild is now full.


2 positions will be open and will close on Sunday.


One position left.


We have 2 openings now for tomorrow again. Thanks update. :pensive:


Level: 1050
Trophies per week: 350+
seals: 1500
All kingdoms level 10
GW play always
Position on current guild in GW: Either Paragon or Champion
Contribute to strategy and social
Gold: 400+ per week.

Invite Code: grandluxxe

Reason for leaving current Guild (SafeWord): Leader left, we had a true core of 7 solid highly active teammates…they are fed up with bugs and updates…most are moving to another game. I am sticking around but need an active guild as we have a number of new members with limited play. I need a highly active guild.

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Can you add me on discord? A.W.Ryan#6052 @GrandLuxxe


just downloaded Discord and sent an invite to you.
I hope?

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Thanks for agreeing to join us tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Will have one opening on 10-29-17


Will have an additional opening on Sunday. So 2 openings on 10-19-17.


Bumped for your pleasure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…giggitty! :blush:

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Was just informed that a member wants to quit the game. Therefore, 3 positions will be open on Sunday (tomorrow).


Only one spot left. Message me before it’s too late.