🌸 All of the Rewards, None of the stress 😄 Join DruidsVale! (29 / 30) 🌸 ACHIEVE 6 Statues + 10+ Legendary Tasks + 40K Seals + GW 3 [Casual] 🌸


Join DruidsVale and Get all the Rewards!!! DruidsVale Maxed 2 new Events in first week

Awesome Job Druidsvale, Maxing Raid Boss Event AND Maxing Towers Event in Week 1 :smiley:

Raid Boss Maxed

Tower Event Maxed


pick me! pick me! no trophy req right? all kingdoms 5 star at least, 1.5k seals no prob. can join sun after doing gw in my current guild

edit: or druids glade? im coming from guild with 300t, 30gw bracket2 usually, 300k req


We are looking for 1 strong player to join us. :sunglasses: