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Cheating in Bounty Event Leaderboard on Xbox

Cheating in Bounty Event Leaderboard on Xbox.

6 People with the same score. Most from Same guilds. This should cause them to be banned. First to the level should get the #1 rank.

Nothing about what you said is cheating. Players have the same score because the points are fixed. They don’t vary from player to player. The only thing that differs is how many battles you do.


They are cheating to stop at the same level so they all get the #1 prize. They all should not get 700 gems and a power orb. Its called collusion.

…so join the tie and also get the nice reward?

What you’re literally asking for is to disallow those willing to cooperate to share in rewards. This would hurt the entire playerbase.

And — hey — if you want to be “that guy” who’s anti-tie, then how ‘bout this : buy some sigils and Beat them :joy:


Typical of younger people. You all have to win. Cheating is ok. No morals or integrity. They are cheating the system period. So because they cheat, they get power orbs and the best troops. That soo fair. I am calling out Gems of War to fix or ban them for manipulating the system.

That is more so collusion than cheating. Cheating is when you remote in to your guild mates pc and do their gws for them like they do on pc/mobile. Or when someone forgets their bot is running and has 8 million more points than 2nd place as it happens every event on pc/mobile.

They buy tons of gems so devs pretend not to notice.

Typical for some sour-graper to assume all those more successful to be “young people” who are all just “cheaters.”

Straight up — every single person on the leaderboard spent gems to be there. So — what — by your sense of fairness Person A that spend 5k gems and played all their battles without a loss is somehow less deserving of the Power Orb than Person B who also spent 5k gems and played all their battles without a loss?

Get real.

And think it through, seriously — what about all the other positions that are tied simply because all people who buy each respective tier end up at the exact same point value if they flawlessly complete their sigils through no fault of their own and with no collusion whatsoever?

Again I’ll throw the obvious solution that seems to elude you — Buy enough sigils to break the tie if its existence offends you so much. Put up, or shut up — Simple.


You really think the bough the gems… Yeah right. No one would be doing that and just magically have 2 other from the same guild do that too. Its pure cheating. Then 2 more from another guild. Its against xbox terms of service.

If player a uses 30x bonus and does 50 battles, then player b uses 30x bonus and does 50 battles, they will have the same score.

Then player c,d,e,f,g and so on does the 50 battles with 30x bonus, they all have the same score.

There are cheaters in this game, but this is hardly an example of that.


And what made the same 6 stop at 50 battles there is no max. Why not spend 100,000 gems. The first person to that score should get #1. Otherwise, cheating.

That was an example. I was attempting to show you how several people can obtain the same score.

At this point you are either trolling or in Q-anon and beyond help.

Good luck!


1,329,000 points / 6k per fight is 221.5 sigils.

That’s not a lot of battles to play in a day.

Easily doable. Easily affordable — no reason to think botting or currency manipulation is happening — but it sounds to me like someone doesn’t believe in good ol’ fashioned hard work, if you’re unwilling to put in the time or the gems to dethrone the current leaders.

Tsk, Tsk , my friend. Seems sooooo lazy to me.

But I guess complaining’s just easier, huh?

Because guess what? A flawless Tier VI gets you 375k points, even. Know how I know? I’m tied there with 13 fine strangers right now who must have — completely independently of me — decided to buy Tier VI and play well. We represent 14 different guilds, and as GM of mine I can assure you I didn’t collude with any of them, not that it matters to you since you’re more interested in illogical, emotional accusations than an intelligent conversation.

But let’s do some simple math anyway to demonstrate the ridiculousness of your claim and do our best to laugh it out of the room as it so rightfully deserves.

1,329,000 minus Tier 6’s 375k is 954,000.

If you suck and lose every. single. bird….

…then that is only 159 sigils.

So it only costs 16 Tier VIIs (each costs 200 gems and gets you 10 sigils) to get there if you suck and lose valravens. That’s cheap at only 3,200 gems total! So cheap, in fact, I might decide to join the tie later, because what else am I going to do with my 72,856 gems that I have never spent a dollar to have? :joy:

And my guess is, valravens account for ~50% of the sigils, though, so really it’s affordable for the average player to join the tie at about a cost of 2k gems. This is easily knowable by any player with a brain who looks at the leaderboard and decides to do the math for 5 minutes. The tie is also easily joinable to anyone who reaches out — or doesn’t — and gets the same point value.

And before you turn to the oh-so-easy ad hominem response again: I’m not even in the guild(s) you’re mad at — in some ways, they’re my guild’s biggest competition right now! But I am here savaging your argument because it is right to defend them, especially against someone who’s going to assume I’m some young, entitled brat despite having no basis for the assumption — I could easily be 15, or 56, as far as you know.

It’s right to defend them because they are not cheats.

They’re just better than you are. Because they learned that lesson in kindergarten, that it’s nice to share. And that’s made you angry for Gaard knows why.



8 People now. Funny how they run out of diamonds at the same level. Please ban the clans, and players. Funny of the players also have Max Renown. Its like they have unlimited diamonds. Very odd. Also, in the same guild the same number of days. A deeper dive should be done.

Can you quote the specific terms that you feel these players are violating? That would bolster your case considerably. Otherwise, while it is quite likely that these players are colluding given the circumstantial evidence, it does not seem that these players are in violation of anything except your sense of honor.

This sort of collusion can be remarkably fragile. Multiple ties for #1 leads to an unstable equilibrium, which can easily be broken by just one competitive player wanting to get the first-place reward for themselves, as pointed out in the comments above. Barring that, an unaffiliated player can easily spend enough gems to overtake the n-person tie, causing the n-person group to have to spend n times as many gems in total to catch up.

Incidentally, something like this took place in a recent class trial on PC/Mobile. At one point, there was a burgeoning 40-person tie, which (unsurprisingly) fragmented in the evening and night, leaving just one vicious winner.


OP is refusing to cite why this is cheating. They want a rise out of people. It sounds like the same person from earlier this year who accused people helping their guildmates in GW of cheating. :roll_eyes:

OP also doesn’t understand the difference between gems and diamonds, or how scoring works. They arent asking for clarification, and aren’t suggesting changes to scoring to prevent ties. They’re just accusing people to make people mad.

OP also randomly blames people of a certain age even though it isn’t relevant for… Reasons?

Troll gonna troll.

Ignore the troll.


Someone calling someone a troll is the troll. They are all from the same guilds and gaming the system. The first person to the point total should be rewarded, not collusion to only go so far. It cheating the system and give players unearned rewards.

'Xbox Code of conduct:

  • v. Don’t engage in activity that is fraudulent, false or misleading (e.g., asking for money under false pretenses, impersonating someone else, manipulating the Services to increase play count, or affect rankings, ratings, or comments).’

What they are doing affects rankings.

So… whoever wins the first battle after daily reset in any leaderboard event is instantly granted first place rewards and nobody else is allowed to replace them? :upside_down_face:


Riddle me this: if the game designers didn’t want to allow ties, why did they implement a system that allows them, rather than the “first come, first serve” system you suggest?

They literally had to code a leaderboard that works this way for us to see the result we’re seeing, and that makes it intentional because they could have easily coded it to work differently, with each reward tier going to one person every time :man_shrugging:


If the players are spending gems they earned and are playing the battles themselves then it isn’t cheating. Cheating would be those players using bots to do the fights for them, changing the stats of their troops to make the battles quicker and easier or getting gems without paying for them or earning them.

So what if these players are working together to all get first place. Any random person could do a few more battles and beat them all. You have also said they are all from the same guild and the point of a guild is to work together not compete against each other.

They all fought their fights and spent their gems they earned whatever reward they get.

I don’t know if you have wasted all your gems and can’t afford the sigils or are just too lazy to do the fights required for first place but either way these players aren’t doing anything wrong and they aren’t hurting anyone.


Scott, the devs have said that for right now they will allow the tie. I do agree with you that there should only be 1 winner. The pc/mobile players had tried this on the Switch in the past but most players thank god are against it have broken attempts at player collusion to tie