Changes to Upcoming Epic Guild Tasks (4.7)

We have a misunderstanding :slight_smile:
The way it was said here, it sounds we wouldn’t need to complete current tasks, but skip to epic tasks and when we complete epic tasks, we could do legendary - if this is correct, then we need c10 mil less to get to legendary tasks, but it’s still c25 mil more than it was. If not, then we just need all basic + all epic tasks which is as sucky as it was.

Idk how major gold gains from explore justifies this - I personally can’t achieve major gold gains cause explore is making me want to poke my eyes out, and I definitely did not notice major gold increases in my guild. Even if there is major gold gain from explore (considering that that got nerfed quite quickly), why wouldn’t that be fixed by reducing gold from explore instead of taking away LTs.

And more guild keys does sound nice, but it will not replace 1 mythic per month for 30 people which is what guilds who make 20-30 LTs could definitely achieve.

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To get any LT, you need to complete ALL Epic and Normal guild tasks.

You can complete any of the Epic and Normal tasks in any order you want, but the LTs will remain locked behind the completion of all 12 tasks.

That is what has been explained here, in other threads, and on stream.


Ya that’s how I understood it initially, and then latest explanation from Salty made me think we would need 10 mil gold less.
My bad, still sucky as it was, thanks for pointing it out

A compromise would be if epic tasks were optional not required to do LT’s.

Also I see gold price has not changed and is still 2x more for lesser value rewards.
Thus over 50% of our gold is still going to worse tasks blocking us from LT’s.

1/6 tasks changed is not a 50/50 compromise.

Here is my original post in the original topic.


I Cant believe some people are still actually happy with it, your still losing out on thousands of keys with chances of legendaries and mythics each month and keys are 1 of the 2 main currencies in game for finding mythics, so glad i made the decision to leave when i did and i would like too thank this update for that sincerely, i actually have my life back and not having to give atleast 4 to 5 hours daily to this game just too keep up with the player base has improved my mood and given me a better variety of things to do with the daily time saved, this was nothing more than a job towards the end for me, dont get triggered by this post im sure some people will stay loyal to the game till the very end i just cant its no longer fun just a chore and ive felt this way for a while even pre explore update im not trying to shit on the devs i think they have shit on the players though and i see a lot more players realising this game is nothing more than a constant grind for relevancy and will buckle eventually as people will simply of had enough of the devs not listening and not working with the community that fights there corner every single update aside from this one, it would of been nice for them to of really taken on board the problems the community have with this update the new fix is terrible the epic tasks are terrible the gold needed is simply not practical and this is just my own personal experience and opinion i have to thank the devs for there bad decisions leading up to my final decision to leave the game for good, i thank you all. (Devs) and good luck to the community, and remember its okay to leave a game when its no longer fun theres a whole world of other things you could be doing, atleast in my own experience since leaving i have felt a lot better not chasing this endless time sink.


It’s nice to see that people still care enough about the game to read and post on it even if they have already moved on. :sparkling_heart: I know quite a few ppl who used to play this game 4-16hrs a day, and don’t anymore, so I hope they are doing something good with all their spare time.

People who don’t care just accept things as they are, but ones that do voice their opinions on if things are good or bad. It’s like parents doing things for you, not that you like it, but because they care about you.


Look on the bright side:
4.8 will just be 4.6 again.

Ironically removal of the ring pop of blunder would alleviate much of the excessive gold. Players (not me) bought it and hammered 8k plus gold fights in the game. The devs consistently wreck their own philosophy. Of course anyone who is ringed up will go large on gold teams. Now they don’t like the gold benefits such a purchase provided and are going ape shit to make it a futile purchase. Absolutely appalling. That’s why u buy nothing. They will mock ur investment cos they have zero concept of business or indeed their own game.


Would you look at this? Another cheeky update? Well, the devs have been back at the drawing board, and have reworked the upcoming Epic Guild Tasks even further!

We know that a lot of the suggestions surrounded being able to choose which tasks to complete before accessing Legendary Tasks, but unfortunately, this isn’t something that we were able to offer. As a compromise, we have further re-worked the tasks to offer a bigger variety of the resources the community wanted more of, eg, keys, and on top of this, the 4.7 Update increases the guild seal cap of each player, which will give them access to more guild chests. These keys will be included at several tiers alongside resources that players couldn’t easily target before.

The 6 new Epic Task Trees will now cost 31.5 million gold to complete, which is the equivalent of 31.5 old Legendary Tasks.

Those 31.5 Legendary Tasks would have given the following:

  • 3040 Glory
  • 237 Glory Keys
  • 102 Gem Keys
  • 32 Event Keys
  • 16 Runic Traitstones
  • 42 Arcane Traitstones
  • 3 Legendary Troops
  • A very small chance at a Mythic (less than 20%)

The new tasks will give:

  • 900 Glory
  • 240 Glory Keys
  • 102 Gem Keys
  • 30 Event Keys
  • 12 Runic Straitstones
  • 42 Arcane Traitstones
  • 167 Writs (1.67 Deeds worth)
  • 6 Deeds (one of each color)
  • 281 Chaos Shards
  • 36 Colored Pet Food
  • 51 White Pet Food
  • 10 Ultra-Rare Ingots
  • 13 Epic Ingots
  • 48 Jewels (8 of each color)
  • 6 Tokens of Gaard
  • 3 Tokens of Yasmine

And before you ask, I have a detailed break down available ahead of time! Please have a look below at each of the new Epic Tasks, and what they award at every level.

Epic Blue Tasks

Epic Green Tasks

Epic Red Tasks

Epic Yellow Tasks

Epic Purple Tasks

Epic Brown Tasks


This is interesting. A pretty stark departure from the old resource distribution, both in what is offered and how it is spread across the six tasks. I don’t have the time right now to process everything, but one thing in particular jumped out at me: we no longer get tokens above Yasmine.

Edit: another thing I noticed is that we now get more deeds than I remember hearing about, at the cost of slightly fewer writs. A clear victory for the players.


I am glad to see these changes and I appreciate having this specific information posted. Thank you.

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That’s it?.. those tokens aren’t even that valuable… It’s not even enough for new players to do anything with it.

Edit: to not just complain for the sake of it, I’m expecting at least something that can’t be farmed in less than 30 minutes. For that much gold cost, is getting some Anu and some Nysha really that bad? These aren’t free tokens after all.

so after 30 weeks, we will finally have enough to upgrade 1 kingdom of each color. … seems vastly underwhelming.

1.67 deeds a week. anyone else feel underwhelmed? can’t even get 2 for the cost we pay?

Edit: comments are based on the idea that Sirrian proposed a 1 year completion of deeds to max all kingdoms. Its still nowhere close to that. Might be 2 years at the rate its going on

The new tasks now seem closer to older LT value, but almost feel like it has no purpose of existing besides denying guilds a chance at random mythics and legendary troops. I don’t understand the point of that, considering there’s so many troops in the game now that giving away a few really couldnt hurt.

I can’t tell if Epic Tasks are a positive or negative thing being added to the game.

None of the epic tasks are absolutely useless anymore. that’s actually quite good
Plenty of pet food. though its a resource only max faction Delve players will appreciate.


Not so sure about that.

The resources we want are now scattered among the tasks. We get the resources we don’t give a damn about, now scattered among the tasks.

Way more keys, which should be a win, but we can’t isolate them if we happen to not have 50 mil gold a week, so that’s gonna be questionable.

The previous set of tasks had Tokens all the way up to Nysha, so that’s obviously a nerf.
(It used to be 3 3 2 2 1 1, now its only 6 3 …)

We get a ton of keys and glory that we didn’t initially have, but glory isn’t exactly tough to come by. Traitstones… even those ones, not useful for most folks in my guild, decent for lowbies admittedly.

More Chaos Shards than previously (but who cares).

Less Writs but we do get Deeds, which is a win. However, 100 Writs = 1 Deed, so getting random freaking unclean numbers like 167 is UNSIGHTLY.

Ingots is comparable Ultras and Epics but the other ones are missing - we don’t mind, those two are the ones we need.

Tiny amount of Jewels … ??

And I take issue with these tasks being so varied and distributed that very low guilds can’t coherently focus on particular resources at all.


Thanks Salty, this is in my mind a nice improvement over what we were expecting before. However i still would much much rather not have Epic tasks added since many rewards will be unused very shortly. at least now I wont feel complete ripped off until all my kingdoms are lvl15… personally still in the WHY!!! category on ingots, since the economy is FLOODED with ingots already…
(sorry if that sounded too negative, it is honestly better than what we were told before, thanks!)

This is a net positive from the previously announced spread of resources. IMO these new ETs are now worth more than the old 31.5 LTs.

Guilds that can normally get that many LTs are only giving up roughly 2100 glory for guaranteed Writs, Deeds, Pet Food, and Epic Ingots.

Kudos to the devs for reworking the ETs in light of all the community feedback. :clap::clap::clap:


I’m not sure about them myself. First the cost, the key payout is equal, traitstones are spread out, and there is a lot of other resources.

Most of these rewards can be earned easier elsewhere or as you said, the writs are in too low a quantity. If the writs were more useful, and one of each token rather than the bad ones were given instead, I’d be more fine with epic tasks on an individual level.

The thing is, while with a complete troop collection, this valuation technically is a better deal, but that “less than 20%” is perhaps my biggest pet peeve. I think most would rather a small chance at a nice payout than all these fluff rewards that give us an average.

LTs are a precious alternative to outright keys and can bring a guild together if they get a mythic with team building and a morale boost. One of my newer guildies completed an LT as an introduction, and everyone got a Vash. I can’t believe I have to even state the obvious that a mythic drop chance however “small” is better than a new resource you shoved down our throats.

I really appreciate the efforts here, but can someone please tell 505, or who ever pushed this new task system, that the best methods of gaining gold give us most of these rewards naturally? Pet rescues, delves, ingots, traitstones, etc.

When the literal only new benefit is a few deeds, I’d rather tokens and writs were in the LT pool instead.

TLDR: I appreciate the matching key payout, but I can’t accept trading a mythic drop chance for pvp and explore rewards.


Holy shit…
Does that mean the drop rate for Mythic LT is supposed to be between 150-200?

Excuse my excitement… I’ve only been waiting months (if not years) for a direct answer. :grinning:


I guess we had to wait for 4.7 so it could be written down.

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After our feed back, Dev realize we could just skip these Epic tasks, don’t finish them everyweek, so players will still have nice amount of LTs. What they do to enforce these Epic tasks? Scatter useful resources like event keys to every tier, every task. Now, it become super hard for players to say no to these tasks while we still want LT. Well done, Dev.


Wow, some players here seriously don’t deserve a compromise at all as nothing would make them happy but getting rid of epic tasks.

This is just proves my point about players here being so extremely out of touch with the general player base and not seeing the forest for the trees.

Salty, this update to epic tasks is a much better compromise! I love it and I’m truly glad this was able to get completed before 4.7 came out. I’m looking forward to seeing what other changes are in store.