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Bla bla bla. A place where weirdos lurk


Sent you my invite code, let me know when you are going to add me and I will leave the guild I’m in. I’m level 200 and something and I play daily. :thumbsup:


Hello Robert, I have PM you :slight_smile:


Great post :slight_smile: we will be hitting the top 20 in no time.


Lets Bump this up


Event participation is not required


Awesome guild with a great team environment :slight_smile:




This week we have achieved 32 legendary tasks so far and another is 70% done. Seals are usually completed on Wednesday.


Level 1107. Sent you my invite code … I average 1000 trophies a week :+1: :muscle:


SPARK_H3GX is my invite code … i play regularly and a lot … level 252 now … last 3 kingdoms close to lvl 10, should be done next week


Thanks Linu, I have messaged you back on Xbox.


We are all trophy mad in this guild :). Gotta get to the top!!!


It goes Bump in the night


Bumpidy bump


Caution! Speed Bump ahead! :gem_skull:


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One of our Beasts is leaving at the end of the week to go traveling. We will miss him as he is a very chatty, friendly and strong active member. However, If you are looking for a new guild home, then maybe we could find you a cozy place with us in the den to take his position?
We are looking for a competitive player, willing and able to spend a good amount of time working with us to get to what we want to achieve :slight_smile:


Interested in your guild. Fairly confident I meet your parameters (Level 922, largely on the strength of solo play). Please advise as to how to proceed :blush:


Hey, thanks for your interest. I have sent you a pm through Xbox :blush: