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:Fire: *Burning Legends* Rang 1 guildwars group 1 have 2 places free! for players level 1300+| we complete all seals/tasks/portals and a lot legendary tasks every week wanna join? message me:)

about us

We will do all the tasks on Monday. So every week you wave over many legendary tasks. The seals reach the maximum with us. With the Raidboss and the invasion, we always close all portals. In the Guild Wars, we are currently in Group 1. And we have a pet PSN group, where you can see the current pets.


In return, we expect a few things from you. You should be at least level 1300+, throw 1,600,000 gold a week into the guild pot and 600 finish trophies. The minimum requirements for the guild events are: Raid boss 5000 points, Invasion 50 towers, tower of the doom 40 dooms and guild war should be played daily,and on Mondays the guards will be at level 5,and over 47,000 points will be reached the end of the week.

If you think we could be the guild you were looking for, then get in touch with or Burning Legends1. If not, we wish you lots of fun in the game.


Bumping for a great group of players. Congrats on taking 16th!

Keep up the great work and good luck my friends! :+1:

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Thank you my friend, you are also a great troupe :slight_smile:

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BL is the strongest Guild on PS4 with requirements but i love it.
Join us guys :slight_smile:


Hi I would really like to join your guild