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:gem_red:*Burning Legends 3* have places free for players from Level 300+. Our Requirements: 110.000 Gold, 1000 Sigils, 180 Trophies. The Guild membership is open, just join if interested ;)

Requirements/week:110.000 Gold,1000 Seals,180 Trophies,events play. Every week 20k Gold and 20 Trophies more.

[FF0000]:dagger::redflame:Burning Legends 3 :redflame::daggerdown:[AF7AC5]hat freie Plätze offen,ab Level 300+! Unsere Anforderungen sind: 110.000 Gold, 1000 Siegel, 180 Trophäen, bei interesse einfach beitreten, der Gildenbeitritt ist offen =)

[FF0000]:dagger::redflame:Burning Legends 3 :redflame::daggerdown:[AF7AC5] have open spots! for players with level 300+. Our Requirements: 110.000 Gold, 1000 Seals, 180 Trophies. If you are interested, just join the Guildmembership is open :smile:

I am still fairly new and looking for an active guild…yours doesn’t show up in search.

level 600 can i join ?

Guildmembership is open :slight_smile: