🐲 Black Dragon Court (Black Dragon/30 Secs 2 Match/Gems of the Ostfront) Waiting list open


The Knights & Heroes of three glorious guilds have forged a new mighty brotherhood. Built on the shared pursuit of knowledge and camaraderie, this new brotherhood respects & encourages the independence & equality of each founding guild. Henceforth we shall be known collectively as:


The participating guilds are:

Black Dragon, top tier guild
30 Secs 2 Match, mid-tier guild
Gems of the Ostfront, entry-level tier guild

Every guild welcomes members meeting their rules & requirements as they are explained in the following:

:purple_heart: Black Dragon requirements :purple_heart:

##Player Requirements:
✪ Level 150+
✪ All kingdoms to level 10
✪ If you will be going on vacation or if you are ill, please let us know by posting in the “Vacation/Illness” thread on our private forum.
✪ We talk about rules, req’s and important info so communication skills are required (Chat on Discord (Mandatory), Forum, Guild’s Chat)

##Weekly Minimum Requirements:
✪ 300 trophies
✪ 750,000 gold
✪ 1500 seals
✪ 5 Guild Wars matches per day (we don’t demand you to win, just to do your best aiming for perfect runs)
✪ Upgrade Guild Wars Sentinels to Level 3 by Monday

✪ Raid weeks: 200 trophies / 750,000 gold / 1500 seals / around 10,000 raid points
✪ Invasion weeks: 200 trophies / 750,000 gold / 1500 seals / around 100 towers

##Prefered Weekly Requirements + Prefered Player Requirements:
✪ 500+ trophies
✪ 1.000.000/1.200.000+ gold
✪ Great Communication
✪ Great number of unique troops
✪ Mostly fully traited troops
✪ Successfull experience in Guild Wars Bracket 1 or 2


:blue_heart: 30 Secs 2 Match reqs: :blue_heart:

✪ 400k gold
✪ 750 seals
✪ 120 trophies
✪ 30 GW battles weekly (daily as best possible) + all sentinels to level 1 on Monday
✪ Discord required for new members
✪ anyone inactive for more than 7 days (according to their in-game profile) without communication will be considered to have abandoned us and will be removed
✪ individual exceptions may be made in some situations on a case by case basis

*750 seals min required during normal weeks and 1200 seals on weeks with new mythic releases. Effort should be made to achieve 1200 by day 6 so all members have time to spend seals for the new mythic on day 7.


:green_heart: Gems of the Ostfront requirements :green_heart:

All Players:

✪ GW participation (30/30), daily preferred unless ill or on notified absence
✪ 250k gold minimum donation . Gold to be donated in the specified task order (See Guild Admin, Announcement) - which might change from time to time.
✪ 670 seals. This ensures we reach 20k / lvl 5 chests, but our guild target should ideally be 40K if possible
✪ 50 trophies, 100+ appreciated from experienced players
✪ all kingdoms level 10
✪ individual exceptions may be made with proper communication
✪ Following us on Discord chat is mandatory for new players.

Curious? Then find yourself welcome on:

30 Secs 2 Match recruiting - please check out the new Black Dragon Court thread
:dragon_face: Black Dragon :dragon_face: [Rank 7 - GW Bracket 1] - RECRUITMENT OPEN [29/30] :flame: JOIN US :flame:
[FOUND, thanks!] Level 1122 derpy gamer-girl (maybe) looking for a new guild

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Join our friendly trifecta of guilds. Looking to fill these spots:

Black Dragon: 2 spots (2 veteran players quitting the game)
30 Second 2 Match: potentially 1 spot
Gems of the Osfront: 3 spots

if interested contact us on Discord or PM here on forums as follows:

Black Dragon: MadKing#0962
30 Seconds: Vanyel#5227
GotO: Flatulenzio#0075

Bring along a friend or spouse…



I was looking at your guilds and my husband and I might be interested in joining one of them. We would like to be in the same guild.

What I can offer:
Level 528.
1500 seals/week.
500k+ gold/week–probably more.
Daily Guild Wars participation—still working on getting teams together.
Sentinels leveled if required.
Around 300 trophies/week–probably more. I am already at 700 for this week.
All kingdoms at level 10 & most quests done. I am working on it.

What my husband can offer:
He works a lot more so he can’t play as often as me.
Level 407
Daily Guild Wars participation - working on getting teams together.
250k-500k Gold/week
Sentinels leveled if required.
200trophies/week - probably more.
All Kingdoms to 10 & working on Quests.

Full disclosure:
I am currently 8months pregnant so I am not sure how that is going to change our schedule come 2months when I am due but I am willing to try and see how it goes.

We don’t have a lot of “mythic” troops. We are so unlucky when it comes to this game & we haven’t been in the greatest guilds. We had to leave for most of the summer too due to RL stuff so that really slowed us down.

Let me know if you are interested. :smiley:
PM me or reply below if your guild has spots available for us.


Hey team,

Looking for an active guild to be part of. I have never been part of an active guild. Interested in maxing out guild seals but would like to be part of guild wars also. I have played in them but never been part of an active guild so will need someone to show my the ropes. Lvl 633 at the moment and lots of fun decks depending on what the week bonuses are. Catch you guys on the flip side!


@Latirra you guys sound perfect to put GotO over the top with 40k seals & GW! @Flatulenzio should be in touch shortly if not already!


Sounds great!

Oh I forgot to mention that we did do our seals already this week & turned them in with the other guild that we are in…so we will have to start next week fresh. :smiley:


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Come and join Black Dragon - Step up to face great challenges and get great rewards
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Hi. My level is 408. All of kingdoms level 10 . Seals 1500, trophies 250 – 300. I can donate 300k – 400k gold. If you interested my invite code is NIGHTF_YF9D.




Hi) i am 170 lvl, all kindom 10 lvl, play everyday) invait code ALMAT


Spot filled for now for 30 secs.


30 Secs 2 Match is recruiting 1 more member to join on Sunday. Currently rank 63 and GW B3. Our reqs look relatively low for our rank & GW bracket but we have a lot of members who greatly exceed them.

400k+ gold
750+ seal
120+ trophies
GW + all sentinels to level 1
We’ve been finishing 10+ LTs/week & 40k seals.
We closed all portals in raid & finished all stages of invasion.

Discord Vanyel#5227 or pm me.


Interested in 30 Secs 2 Match if spot is still available. Level 882 (xp is way too easy), all kingdoms are level 10, most are 5 star (working on finishing the last remaining). Very active and do all GW, Raids and Invasions.


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30 secs 2 match seems a good fit for me. I’m a level 1300+ player who used to play a lot but I’m working a lot right now so need have a more relaxed guild for GoW.