Black Dragon Court (BDC) Recruitment: need 1 B1-2 experienced vet & lots of newbies!



The Black Dragon Court (BDC) is a family of independently run guilds with a common council & discord server, where competition, fun, teamwork & commoraderie are key. Over 180 players (many veterans) available to help & motivate.

The participating guilds are:

Black Dragon , top-tier GW focused
30 Secs 2 Match , high mid-tier guild with a GW focus
Gems of the Ostfront , mid-tier guild with a GW focus
The DicTators , high gold, no event/GW reqs
The Chaotic Kings, casual guild for time-constrained players
Order of Paladine, training guild for newbies to learn & grow

Every guild welcomes members meeting their rules & requirements as follows:

Guild Trophies Gold Seals GW Bracket
Black Dragon 200 750k 1.5k 30 battles B1
30 Secs 2 Match 0 500k 1k 30 battles B2-5
Gems o/t Ostfront 0 400k 1k 30 battles B5-9
The DicTators 0 750k 1.5k 0 N/A
Chaotic Kings 0 100k* 750 0 N/A
Order of Paladine 0 100k* 750 0 N/A

*gold req waived for those leveling kingdoms if they participate in other events

Curious? Then find yourself welcome on our discord server to check out the detailed requirements for each guild to see where you fit best and chat with us:



Greeting to the Black Dragon Court. My husband and I (mystkbluedragon and blooodlust4u), technically new players and seems at the moment, we do not meet any of the requirements. But we both hope that in the near future that a consideration to allow us a part of the team is a good possibility. Why consider us…We are dedicated, active everyday, sometimes more than twice or three times a day. Yes, we are still learning and would be in need of some guidance, but both of us are team players and are trying our best to move forward each game play. We are not sure that the way we are going about it is the best way, which is why i find myself researching the forums and asking questions. Both of us enjoy the game and are competitive and both of us have been looking for a guild that would fit perfectly. When i came across your post, instantly, we knew we wanted to somehow become a part of this team. So, if by any chance you would consider taking one or both under your wings(lack of required requirements) we would by all means do 100% of our best. eagerly awaiting a reply.

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Hi…thanks for getting in touch and it s great to hear you re both interested in joining at some point :blush: The GMs arent about at the moment (I m 2ic with GotO and in the UK) but i m sure when they are someone will be happy to discuss if we can help you in anyway

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The Black Dragon Court (BDC) has openings in the following member guilds:

Rank #12 and GW B1 Black Dragon has 2 positions available. High level GW experience & performance is a must. Get decent rewards without having to quit your job! 20+ LTs/week & all e ends finished easily

See above in opening post for guild specific requirements.

Join our Discord if interested

Come chat with us about your future in the BDC


#13 Black Dragon is searching for 2 GW B1-2 experienced veterans whose goal aligns with ours: stay in B1 & be productive

30 Secs 2 Match FILLED

The Dictators 1 open spot

Gems o/t Ostfront 1 open spot

Chaotic Kings 1 open spot
Stop by our discord to find out more at [ ]!


#13 Black Dragon is searching for 1 GW B1-2 experienced veteran whose goal aligns with ours: stay in B1 & be productive

30 Secs 2 Match FILLED

The Dictators FILLED

Gems o/t Ostfront FILLED

Chaotic Kings 2 Openings

Order of Paladine multiple openings (just created - get in on the ground floor)

Stop by our discord to find out more at!