🐲 Black Dragon Court (BD 29/30 - UB 27/30 - 30S 29/30 - GotO 30/30 - Howl 30/30) Recruitment open in Black Dragon, Utopia’s Brothers and 30 Seconds


Fresh player ready to join GotO. Started playing 1.5 week ago, lvl 99, a few kingdoms to lvl 10 but working hard on it. Very active!

Invite code: PARSEVUL_6NZ8


grazie per la risposta :ghignante:se posso essere la persona che fa al caso vostro ditemi di che requisiti avete bisogno e nel caso li avessi a fine settimana posso uscire dalla mia gilda attuale e attendere il vostro invito. mi piace giocare tutti i giorni, non perdo eventi ma non avevo mai seguito il forum .Da qualche tempo nella guerra delle gilde sono l’idolo ma partecipano solo una decina di persone su 30 i miei punteggi solitamente sono fra 8000 e i 9000 . Ciao


Hi…Are you still recruiting for 30 secs 2 match?


Hi and thanks for the reply.

I am a active player that competes in all guild wars and maxes out seals. I can get atleast 300 trophies a week while contributing atleast 300k gold a week. I have been looking to get into a guild where everyone contributes in hopes to complete all tasks. At the moment, I have all kingdoms unlocked and am making my way maxing them out. I have 17 maxed out. Let me know if you need anymore additional information!

I’ll attach a few photos of my current activity.


i’m icebergteep by the way.


Hi @EL-S . We have a vacancy in Goto. We get 40K seals and complete our statue tasks usually on first or second day after changeover. We’re in GW bracket 5 at the moment just below 30Secs and have 22 players over level 1000 . Our key target is GW 30/30 - but ideally 6 x 5/5. If you are a GW enthusiast and would like to join us, please add a copy of your hero profile showing level and kingdoms owned. Can you confirm Discord also ?


Thanks @vanyel for your help and quick responses.

At the moment I am planning to join Solophobia as I gave them my word first.

Thanks again


Hi @sojatay.
Thank you for your help and quick response!

At the moment I am planning to join Solophobia as I gave them my word first.

Thanks again and I will keep you in mind should anything change in the future!


Thanks @EL-S for letting us know.
So there is still an open spot to fill at GotO and some seats at Black Dragon as well, interested players may reply here or join our discord server:


Hey @Flatulenzio

Thanks for reaching out!

At the moment I will be joining Solophobia as I first gave them my word.

I will certainly keep you in mind should anything change in the future.



Black Dragon’s paragon reporting for duty! Come fight alongside me for top loot and a great experience


Lvl 806
700 k gold each week
1500 seals normally by Wednesday (so no seals for your guild this week until Monday).
100 - 200 trophies a week
I have War, Champion of Anu, Undine, and Infernus.
What do you think?
I get to rank 1 each week now in PvP


Black dragon still has a spot for able players who want it!


Black Dragon - Looking for a dedicated player who is after a real challenge in Guild Wars (Bracket 1) and providing a fun, friendly, helpful guild to hang out with.
Check out the detail on Discord https://discord.gg/5qjx889 to find out more

Come join the fun in Bracket 1 and unleash your inner Black Dragon!


Have a bump

Guild War Warriors w/ Br1-3 Experience!
Join of Black Dragon Court
35+ LTs ~ 40k Seals ~ GW Bracket 1
300t/750k/1500s/All GW-Raid-Inv Battles/Solid GW teams
Bernice#4836 or
Enter at https://discord.gg/5qjx889


Black Dragon bump - Check out the details and get in touch


30 Secs 2 Match still needs 1 to fill out our roster. Join us and enjoy the support & commoraderie of the BDC’s 5 independent guilds! Rank #60, GW B2-4 - 500k/1000s/30 GW + L1 sentinels - we complete 15+ LTs, 40k seals & raid/invasion.

Check our Discord https://discord.gg/5qjx889


We have the following positions open:

  • BD: 1 spot open
  • 30s: 1 spot open
  • UBs: 3 spots open


Guild Trophies Gold Seals GW Bracket
Black Dragon 300 750.000 1.500 Weekly 1
Utopia’s Brothers 300 400.000 1.500 Weekly 2-4
30 Secs 2 Match 0 500.000 1.000 Daily/Weekly 2-4

Join our Discord if interested https://discord.gg/5qjx889


Hello everyone,

in the upcoming weeks, there will be some spots open in Black Dragon. If you think you can meet the reqs, alongside a good GW score (48-ish minimum), contact me in PM or join the discord server mentionned above.


Black Dragons are looking for GW B1 focused players. Please join the discord server to learn more.