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BIRCH TEAM a.k.a B-Team ;) (3rd place in the league) - looking for exceptional players

We re recruiting again. No matter what the rank and purpose you are welcome. Everyone find his place in our big family.
All You have to do is send Your invite code.


Our fb group. Feel free to join

We’re looking for players who agree with these following rules:

  1. contribute at least 150 trophies and gold by week. It can be 50/100, 90/60, 100/50 etc…
  2. contribute good sense of humour
  3. cannot be inactive for more than 7 days (else have to inform us)
  4. be at least level 50
  5. sentinels should score at least 200 gold and trophies per week (+/- 10), majors - 175, captains 150
  6. private - if you are demoted to private you ve got 3 days to improve


  1. When You want go up in ranks You must score min req for that rank + 20
  2. If You dont want to be promoted it is enough to score min req - 10
  3. Newbies have to pass one week trial in Birch Team Bis - ask HK Direwolf for more

Leave Your name here we ll send invite
Thanks in advance

Try to keep this thread civil, please. I don’t want to have to close yet another thread related to Birch Team.

show me nex where was the phrase where i was not civil. or at least tell me why did you closed official recruitment thread.

I’d be happy to explain! I locked the last thread because it had turned into a petty sniping argument between you and @Truxton. If you’d like examples, take a look at the last ten posts in the thread.

Also, there was this thread that I had to close this morning: Welcome to THIRD place Birch Team

Obviously, that one’s not your fault, but I’d like to keep the Birch Team drama to a minimum.

Invite Code HOBO_4JML Level 122

I took a look and what i see is a lot of unnecesary insults from my opponent in discussion.

Unfortunately I didnt find any post in which i wasnt polite. Maybe You can show it to me.

Truly speaking i m just curious which phrase will You choose… :slight_smile:

Really? Okay, here’s an example:

“Now i understand. That’s how You were raised.That was your “growing lessons”. It is sad, really sad…”

Here’s another example:

“i think that there is a really huge gap in our education and culture :slight_smile:

I could go on, but hopefully I don’t have to.

(Editted because I’d originally copied a quote from @Truxton – your forums avatars are SO similar. It’s been replaced with one of your comments. Propers to @Lyya for the heads up.)

Just as I thought.
My words had been taken out of context.
I don’t think that problem requires any more comment. Further discussion is pointless.
Just wanted to see your standards of thinking
Have a nice day

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Yeah, unfortunately context is often lost when posted to the internet, and you certainly aren’t the first person to say something here that isn’t received quite the way you intended.

Thanks for being understanding.

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You have to wait till tomorrow. Give me a sign if You still interested

Are you saying that there are no minimum requirements now?

there are, but we ve created birch team bis with Wolf as gm :slight_smile: the req there are minimal but if you want to score more you can always transfer to main guild :slight_smile:

Yes, I’d love to join tomorrow, thanks. Btw, joined your facebook group recently.

Demo, you should put the requirements in the original post like you had in the last one, as well as mastery points.

Seems ‘B team’ in the title is for Birch B Team!

I completely agree with the poster (Irish) above. Clearly post the requirements for BOTH guilds.

PS: I’m going on another Vacation end next week. Even still I should be able to meet the requirements without too much problem.

Yeah sure I am okay with recruiting for both guilds in this one thread. We’re all Birch family :slight_smile: I’m not sure what you are thinking as far as minimums Demo, but for BTB being active and doing pvp each week with at least 10-20k gold donations should be enough of a minimum. Of course anyone that wants to do more than that is totally welcome and they will be rewarded for that. So anyone interested in being in Birch Team Bis, leave your inv code :slight_smile:

I am willing to contribute more than 20k, do loads of PVP, so I am looking for a more end-game active guild. Also, i’d love to help you guys get rank 2 again

Absolutely. This is pretty confusing for anyone looking to join either team

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Made a separate thread for Birch Team Bis. Anyone looking to join the 2nd guild can go there. This way it’s not so confusing and you guys can focus on Birch Team :slight_smile:

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