AWR : 55+ LT each week! Rank 30. Bracket 1 GW. 30/30 (full)


Will have an additional opening on Sunday. So 2 openings on 10-19-17.


Bumped for your pleasure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


夙iggitty! :blush:


Was just informed that a member wants to quit the game. Therefore, 3 positions will be open on Sunday (tomorrow).


Positions are now officially open and will close within 12 hours. Thank you in advance.


Only one spot left. Message me before its too late.


Thanks to @en9nhcet making dreams come true. We are now full. Still feel free to join our discord server.


do i have clothes on in these dreams about me? :blush:


I didnt say MY dreams. Lol. :wink:


Will have one position that opens and closes this Sunday.


Position is now officially open. If interested please apply quickly. It will close before reset if not much earlier.


If unable to get a new member. Position will close in 5 hours and will reopen next Sunday.


We are now full. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Will have one opening on Sunday, 11-26-17.


We are now full. Thank you. :blush:


Newest member (literally) didnt keep their word. So we now have an immediate opening.


Now full. Thank you. :blush:


We have a member wanting to step down to our less active guild (Gems N Roses) this Sunday (12/3/17). If we are able to bring in a new member.


We will be full on Sunday. Thank you for your interest. :slight_smile:


Position will open and close tomorrow.