Are you a great player, but tired of Guild Wars?

I’m interested in joining your guild I can’t stand guild wars please give me a new home


@Eika He has a good heart. Adopt him :grin: @Goodhearted please join our discord server.

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Come see us at Discord to secure a good spot on our waiting list.

What’s your discord?


Yes I am a great player

What’s your discord

The best chit-chat server out there. :grin: With Drama series! :grin:


Our waiting list is currently empty. If you are looking for a guild with ZERO drama queens, but grown up and humble adults, feel free to come see us by the Discord link on the bottom. I will also mention that GW is totally optional in our place. (I will mention it again :upside_down_face:)

Our goal is to create a place were GoW veterans can met, but also newer players that has not been around for too long. But remember that the following requirements must be met:

  • Guild Wars is optional.
  • 550,000 gold and 1334 seals on a weekly basis.
  • Spend all free siglis for all Guild related events.

As you can see, doing Guild Wars in our guild is totally optional. This is because we do not want to stress out our veterans or newer players that can’t stand the mode. However there is a fair number of players from our guild that is doing Guild Wars battles, so in the end of the day you will still recieve a fair amount of Guild Wars troop cards based of our rank and positioning.

When it comes to gold donations we have the requirement at a lower amount as 550,000. This alone gives us an guarantee that all basic tasks will be 100 % done every week. Also gives players that has a busy week a room to breathe. When that is said many of us donate over 1mil on a weekly basis and the results has been promising as we have now finished off all the tasks (include Epic tasks) for the tenth week in a row. This means that we or you will also get a bunch of Legendary Tasks, and if we are lucky a Mythic that some of us still needs in our collection. Our seals requirement is based off a number(1334) that will give us 40k Guild seals every week, so we get the best possible chest to spend our seals in. This has never been a problem as most do max their seals (2000) and/or even spends clan orbs. But still a nice requirement to have it secured.

The next requirement on the table is that all the siglis must be used for the Guild events. We do recommend our members to do the little extra and buy a few tiers, but as long as this requirement is met - it is fine. We have always managed to close all rewards stages in any Guild related events. We even maxed the little more rougher New Kingdom Event that gave some nice book of deeds to the group.

In the end it is also worth to mention that we do have an active Discord channel and we do like our members to at least check in from time to time, especially under Tower of Doom weeks and such. So it is a good place to be for social people. But if you are not the social type it is fine also. We do not have any strict requirement around it. That’s it for now…

You are more than welcome to check in, and any question is good. I hope to see you!

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Yes I am tired of guild wars

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Come join us @Goodhearted

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Come see us today! There may or may not be an open spot tomorrow. :coffee:

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