Anyone else sick of 3 X Troop and Prismatic Orb?


We’ll they are simple really, you beat the orb and its game over. Just take at least 1 troop that can damage with focus.


Use troops/hero weapon that targets the last troop? That Blue weapon and Ferit (plus he drains their mana!) comes to mind right now…


I have to say I have a pretty fierce hatred against the 3 Jarls one. But as other players said, if you can either kill the orb carrier or deny troops their colours, it works out well. It’s annoying in that the game can feel like dragging on, but it’s not unbeatable, thanks Maud!


Jarls @ 3 was a pain for me too - then I discovered 3@ Reaver + orb obliterates that team pretty quickly. Its such fun - you will start to look forward to getting Jarls x 3


I started playing a 3xOrb.
Primpsmatic Orb:
Winter Imp, Summer Imp, Autumn Imp, Prismatic Orb
The three imps and the orb.
Imp for all and all for imp.


Sounds like we need a Prismatic Imp to complement your setup :wink:

IMPerial Jewel - new? and bugged

Lol@melkathi ‘primpsmatic orb’ - really did have an out loud guffaw…thanks :laughing:


Agreed… that aggravating laugh every time he loops another extra turn makes me want to flip my table.


That must make things so much worse… I play without sounds, I’m happy to know what I’m escaping. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. The constant repeating of the music gets to my nerves.


I play with my own music but I keep the sound effects. Not least beacause I would miss more than half of those random extra turns and keep sitting there for ages until I realise it is my turn xD
Goddess bless this bling bling money sound that usually indicates an extrra turn :smiley:


Wow, a lot of people seem to have misunderstood my OP and think I’m raging that I can’t beat these teams.

I’m not saying it’s OP. I’m saying it’s boring to play against and there are a lot of them. It feels a lot like Webspinner a few weeks ago. Beatable, but annoying when every second fight has them.

I play a game to have fun. Fighting these 3 x troop + orb teams is not fun.

Not fighting them isn’t much of a solution when they are so prevalent, avoiding them takes times as well.


I would hardly equate this to the webspinner debacle. I RARELY run across these. Like maybe 1 in every 20 battles.


You reckon? I’m getting a lot of them.

I have no idea how the matchmaking works though.


I’m personally facing a Ton of dragons, haven’t seen an orb all day.


I’d support most of your post and sentiment… I’m seeing a lot of those teams, and it’s dull…

I think the Orb is a liitle OP in teams that can get a Magic stat bonus, as it’s one of the few gem-spammers left that scales with Magic stat - only a matter of time, I think, before this gets capped at say 10-11 gems, which would still be powerful… the geometry of this game does not cope well with spells that can reliably punch out 13+ gems of a colour - they will loop too often…

I disagree that it’s quite like the Webspammer situation as (1) these teams are far more beatable (Webspinner was broken enough to go into infinite loops on its own) and (2) it’s not as common, or frankly as dull…

True, my dear @Archenassa but those feats can be easier said than done, especially for weaker players… a high level hero with kingdom bonuses will have over 40+ hit points - can you easily kill that with targeted damage before one of the troops starts casting? (noted - @Dorgath’s Ferit suggestion is excellent, mind!). As for denying them the mana colours - well by definition you can’t do that against the orb…

Oddly, after a year of this, I still like the music! It’s great quality - but I would appreciate a few more equally cool tracks in the loop…


The music’s great! I just had enough of it. :smile:


just ignore those players!!! i wrote a list of players with team that are not interessting to play with… when i invade, i go to another player for 10 gold pieces when i got one of those…

it’s their lost anyway because they don’t have the chance to revenge!


I actually replaced some of the more annoying sound effects like Webspinner cast sound with an ridiculous wrong buzzer sound :smiley:


Too much effort for me but I can imagine how hilarious this could become xD