Anonymous Guardians PC/Mobile is recruiting - 12 Guilds from Beginner to Endgame

We are Anonymous Guardians, a PC/Mobile alliance of 12 Guilds from beginner to endgame.

Guild Requirements Summary (available places vary from week to week):

Join our Discord Server here - all Levels welcome:

Anonymous Discord

    Level 1200+, 1,5M Gold, Guild Events optional (except GWs and Journey), 53k+ Guild Wars score
    Anonymous is the guild with the most appearances in bracket 1 GW in game history - We’ve been in bracket one for over 110 Guild Wars and only ever 3 times in B2.

    1,5M Gold, 1000 Trophies / 5000 per 4 weeks, 1334 Seals, all Guild Events, 40k+ Guild Wars score

    Level 1000+, 1,6M Gold, 1500 Seals, all Guild Events, GW completely optional

    Level 1000+, 1,5M Gold, 300 Trophies, all Guild Events, play 30 GW battles (relaxed)

    850k gold, No trophies, 1,200 seals, play all free sigils in event + tier 3

    Level 700+, 750k Gold, 250 Trophies, 1500 Seals, all Guild Events, GW completely optional

    250k Gold, 100 Trophies, 1000 Seals, all Guild Events, play your 30 GW battles

    300k Gold, 300 Trophies, 1350 Seals, all Guild Events, play your 30 GW battles

    Level 500+,100k gold, 200 trophies, 1100 seals, participate in events as you can, Guild Wars recommended

  • DARK PANDAS LOVERS - A group of 3 guilds:

    • PANDAS LOVERS Early beginner: 0 gold, 50 trophies, events optional, 250 seals
    • DARK PANDAS Upper Beginner: 50k gold, 100 trophies, events optional, 500 seals
    • CHILL PANDAS Retirement Guild: events optional

Avengers will have two spots next week.

Usually we’re full and are mostly finishing events. Also getting a few LTs each week.

If that sounds like something you’d like, join our discord, open a ticket and ask for Jaden (that’s me :wink:).

It’s a really nice discord with tons of info, help, and fun for players of all levels. :slightly_smiling_face:


Currently there are one or at most two spots open in each guild. Anyone is welcome to join our Discord server and learn more about what we have to offer. There are guilds for all levels and likes, and all guilds are active. We have up-to-date guides and information and experienced players who can offer help. Our Discord address is: Anonymous Guardians


Avengers still has room for 1 - we could even make room for 2 more just in case you’re a small group.

All levels of players are welcome alliance wide so even if Avengers doesn’t look like your thing, maybe one of our other guilds would be a fit - just join our discord and inquire about room in guild that looks good to you.


So, you’ve joined a guild with a high rank and discovered that:

  1. Actually, only 10 people in the guild still play; the rest are inactive, putting you under pressure to do extra to complete events. Did you know that guilds are not ranked by their current activity level but by the activity collected over many years? As a result, several inactive guilds still have high rankings.
  2. They have a Discord server that hasn’t been updated for the past five years, leaving you unable to find any relevant information there.
  3. No one in your guild talks or answers any questions when you need help.
  4. The Guild Master no longer actively plays the game, spends all his/her time in another game, and only checks in once a week.
  5. Everyone in the guild is from a single country, which happens to be in a different time zone, so no one is ever online when you play.
  6. You initially enjoyed the guild and played avidly for a few months. Then, as your interest in the game waned, you found you could no longer meet the guild’s requirements.

I have been through all of this, and I feel your pain. Let me introduce you to Anonymous Guardians, a family of 12 guilds that:

    • Are all active, with every member participating and doing their share.
    • Maintain an updated Discord server with relevant, useful information.
    • Include experienced and friendly players who will assist you.
    • Have enthusiastic Guild Masters who are actively involved in the game.
    • Consist of members from multiple countries and time zones, even offering chat channels for different languages and a translator bot.
    • Offer 12 different guilds with varying level requirements and playstyles, from hardcore to balanced to casual to retired to complete beginner. Whether you’re into intense GW or relaxed GW, or even no GW at all, you can switch guilds within the family as your playstyle and activity level change over time.
    • Plus, being one of the oldest guild families in the game, the guilds still maintain high ranks if that’s what you’re after.

What are you waiting for? Join the Anonymous Guardians Discord Server now -
Anonymous Discord



Places available (grab these as they are going fast) - please refer to the first post for requirements. Guilds range from early beginner level right through to balanced and then hardcore and also retired / endgame.

Anonymous - Full
Marthos Guardians - Full
Stratagem - Full
Light Army - Full
Avengers Anonymous - Full
Bnonymous - Full
Drums of Krynn - 2
Drums of Thunder - 1
Dark Chocoholics - 2
Dark Pandas Lovers (3 Guilds) - 5

Join the Anonymous Guardians Discord Server now -
Anonymous Discord