AI Cheating in Ranked PvP?

I know this might sound stupid but some things are happening in ranked PvP games that don’t seem right, maybe I am seeing things wrong but it keeps happening and i’m starting to think that some games are planned against me.

  1. The AI is sometimes getting extra turns by matching 3 gems and they aren’t using and extra turn skill
  2. I’ve noticed after exploding gems on a few occasions I got a T-shape 5 match but it only registered 3
  3. In some games the RNG is dropping a stupid amount of extra turns for the AI…but I have seen posts about this so no point going on about that.
  4. I swear i’m sometimes not getting extra turns for 4 matches.

Am I hallucinating or does this happen to anyone else?

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I’m not going to argue point 3 here (that’s been covered plenty in other topics), but if your observations on points 1, 2 and 4 are correct, then there is definately something wrong on console. I have never observed this in two-and-a-half years worth of playing on PC/Mobile…

That very rarely does happen on PC as well, for both sides Player and AI, i think Devs know about that and it looks like a latency/timing issue.
The rest of what you describe might be connected to a console-bound more severe version of this problem.

I’ve personally never seen 1, 2, or 4 but I have read other players post or comment that it has happened to them. As you are on console I would recommend taking a video when it occurs to you. That way the developers can see what set of criteria (Troops/board/abilities) were present to track any bugs that might be present.


One or more of your troops were probably frozen. Try to check next time.

About the other issues … I have no idea :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen all of your points happen in PC pvp myself. Especially the extra turns on match 3’s.

Now to your other points if you’re frozen on that color I don’t care how many gems you get you don’t get an extra turn. It’s the whole point of frozen to keep you from getting extra turns.

The cascades the AI gets EVERY single match is sort of leaning to an AI handicap. Not sure it’s cheating but nobody gets that lucky EVERY single game.

The dev’s will constantly say the AI doesn’t cheat, but, anything mankind or womankind has their hands in usually finds a way to cheat. Just the human way :wink:

I’ve experienced the problems the OP mentioned

I have not seen #4 or #2 but I have seen #1 on occasion and the AI cheating on #3 is the single most annoying and detracting “feature” in the game. Hoping whichever dev decided that cheating by getting an obnoxious number of extra turns in a row will DiaF.:pray::thumbsdown::volcano:

Recall bias isn’t a single player game. Many people believing the same thing doesn’t make it any more true…

You misunderstand me. Barring evidence, I agree with her. What I was saying is lots of people saying it isn’t proof, multiple people can have recall bias.

In fact, everyone has recall bias, and multiple reports in a forum don’t mean much at all. For one thing, a forum selects for people with strong emotions (the neutrals don’t bother looking, and don’t post even if they do find it). For another, this sort of anecdote is easy to shoehorn into your own biases and become an echo chamber.

I’m a programmer, and I find it extremely hard to imagine there being unintentional bias in the board-filling algorithm. What’s rand() is rand() for every call of fillBoardWithSkydrops(). If there is deliberate bias, AKA "cheating,"
programmed in: To what end? What does it serve the developer to deliberately piss off their customers?

These claims have never made any sense to me. Now, a claim that the RNG is “streaky” a la 5-Yellows in skydrops as is being reported for Console, that could be a legitimate failure in the RNG to produce repeated results, say by reusing a seed. But that would affect both players and the AI alike. “Bias” just feels absurd to me; I see no scenario where it would be the simplest explanation to the evidence presented.


Every time I think 1, 2, or 4 happened to me, I record the last 30 seconds using the xbox record feature, and I re-watch it. Every time so far it was just something I had missed and the game worked as intended. Might be the same happening to you.

I took care of the dragon soul (handicap/multiple respawn) with a stun card before I eliminated it. Problem of multiple respawns in a row handicap or no handicap solved. It works on all cards that respawn if you do it before you eliminate them. Quite easy to do really, the stun card I use serves a double purpose of stopping the respawn as well as blocking krakens from munching the last card on my team. Dracos is a very handy card for example.

I’m guilty! I have recall bias this topic is covered every five days, its ‘probably’ only once per week. :wink:


When are the Pc/mobile people getting this insane Ai? Cant wait to see the reactions… Will make ressource gathering more even

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