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A way to upgrade lover and major traitstones into higher versions maybe at soulforge

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Kingdom effects that effect both offensive and defensive sides like Burn and Poison ect. which can be activated at a certain kingdom star level

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Example Mist of scales would have poison in effect after 5 turns effects all. Except immune

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A abitity to use gems or glory to purchase and place additional status traps in home kingdom that can be set to trigger after so many turns

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Implementing a trait that has limited uses for neutrlizing set traps preventing them from triggering

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Hero perks that can be selected and changed at anytime outside battle

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Why is there no points system for using troops over and over in PVP.

50 times same team/Troops usage gets you same points and bonuses
51 to 75 times get you 20% less outcome points,gold,trophies…
75t to 100 times 60 %
100 + No points.
Numbers are only suggestions !!

Wont this make people switch their meta teams around to actually have fun and try different Builds/Teams Comps.

As for Defense teams :

Situation above would help a bit.

Also, If your team is used 20 times in Defense it should be removed from the Offered Team Pool Automatically.

Or Is it more simple to just Nerf all the troops till game is no more fun…?

Please don’t Bash, We are Only Gems !

The old GUI needs to return badly.

As for better font option’s\inspiration’s; look into old style DnD font types, as well as old outdated magic the gathering card’s environment, overlays, & outlines for added atmosphere & filter ideas for the current card effects design’s.

As for the algorithm for the gem drops; the mana color ratio and level of opponent should not be changing the difficulty\chance of gem drops.

It should be scaled by a difficulty setting that raises or lowers the drop chance in general value’s:
meaning a color type will scale the current algorithm at best as a separate bracket, ie: per mana count\allotment by color.

At same time it will enable for a classic mode option for the old algorithm.

Keep the unused colors as a neutral drop rate (unless the cards abilities them self define such).

Adding a annual\seasonal community collaboration would build a expanded player base through player participation events, artist’s in music sound and design can be legally added as event properties of gow by contest terms, and would add future usage of materials to expand the game.

Using free participation as reward for efforts usually is enough to sate the hard work of most freelance artists (especially hobbyists)

Can we please have the ability to rearrange our teams slots?


Please, please, please can we have Private Messaging within the Guilds.

I know it has been asked for countless times in the past and that you’ve probably got a very good reason for not having it but, I’m trying to run a guild and when no-one pays even the slightest bit of attention to chat it makes it impossible to let new members know what the rules are.

We have a Discord channel also, but I if I can’t tell anyone the rules, even, I can’t tell them about Discord either.
I’m losing players hand-over-fist, some of them good ones too, because they don’t pay any attention to chat and therefore don’t know the guild rules.

You may say “Recruit here on the GoW website.” But while we have a recruitment thread here, no-one takes any notice because we’re not a top tier guild.
I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall.

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I propose a new addition of skulls.

A bit like the DoomSkulls system with regard to scarcity. But this type of skull, once associated, would do damage directly to life by passing the armor, as some powers allow :wink:

This could be a small strategic element in addition.

Hi. New to GoW, but already hopelessly addicted. Just one more battle, one more chest, …
Two things would improve player experience:

  1. Option for startup on device to go straight to game screen without requiring download permission. Permission checkbox in settings?
  2. Troop menu randomly takes a loooong time to load on device. Restart is quicker which leads back to first suggestion.

Now off for another battle…
Keep up the great work!

With the new update the 50 gems cost to change class is more of a hindrance than ever. We should be able to change classes whenever we want. How are we supposed to gain xp to get the talent unlocked otherwise? It makes more sense for tactical play as well to be able to use different classes in different situations e.g. pvp/explore/raid boss ect… One free change every 24 hrs is really not enough.

When you click on a kingdom, on top when you see the kingdom’s name, put arrows on either side so we can easily scroll through all the kingdoms.
This way, when the weekly event is to kill troops of a specific colour in PVP (as is the case this week), it would be easy to search through all the kingdoms to find which one offers the most troop of the wanted colour in a single combat.

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Buenas tardes. El HÉROE debería ser más fuerte en Excavación, no hay compensación de Tropas.

It’s good game but only have rank mod, why can’t have custom pvp mod in game to play with near friend or family at home.

Good Afternoon. Please don’t modify the mythical troops by the interest of the people, think that there are people who have to forge them because they hardly touch them, if the migrate will be disappointed. Thank you.

At least a couple of us would like to see a way to “spend” extra Treasure Maps. I’m earning them faster than I’ll ever be able to use them (I currently have 564), and it would be nice if I could, say, turn in 100 of them for a Vault Key or something.

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I’ve updated the main post here and closed this thread. The goal of this thread is to provide information on this section of the forums and how to submit feedback to the development team. This section of the forums can now also be used for any suggestions relating to new updates.