A whole lot of nope for new players

I have this game on Xbox One. Over level 160. In a guild ranked 28th. I also have this game on the PS4. I was attempting to try and start from scratch on the PS4. The AI and drops are so ridiculous. Anyone new attempting to play this game without having to spend money WILL QUIT. I have spend over four hours playing and it feels like I have gotten nowhere. In a guild but that will not help. I am so frustrated. Unless you are about spending cash, it’s not going to happen. I started playing on the PS4 before going to xbox. The game WAS fun. Not so much anymore. It takes forever to finish a game because of my low level and then to lose over silly drops and AI over powered. I am down trying to do that. I will just stay with the Xbox. My suggestion would be that it be more fun for lower level players in hopes that they would stay and possibly spend money.

Fortunately our retention levels for new players are extremely high - it’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to do quite well with very little advertising.

I see that you’re on console though, so I WILL go and check next week that the console version is set to cheat in the human player’s favor as much as the mobile/PC is.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thank you very much for the feedback. That puts my mind at ease. :grinning:

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What do you think’s missing? Need more Souls to upgrade troops? Need more keys early on to get some more troops?

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As a new player, the only thing I find missing is a proper tutorial/documentation of advanced features. Things like: * Which troops should I level? How much?

  • Should I level my class?
  • What weapons are avaliable as I level my personal elemental affinities?
  • Should I ascend troops?
  • Should I disenchant them?
  • What traits are good?
  • How do I farm trait stones?
  • What should I spend my glory/gems on?
  • How does PvP matchmaking work? Why is my 1k battle score PvP team only allowed to fight against a 2.5k battle score team, a 4k battle score team, and a 6.5k battle score team?
  • How does leveling/ascending/traiting up troops impact my PvP matchmaking?
  • How do Kingdom bonuses work?
  • Beyond x2 Tribute chance, what else does Home Kingdom do?
  • Are Armor and Life interchangeable unless an ability specifically impacts one but not the other? * What are the formulas for my troops spells?
  • What makes another player my Rival?
  • Are players who defeat my team in PvP my Revenge targets even if I’m the aggressor?
  • Do people stop being Rivals/Revenge targets after a while?

These and many, many more questions are completely driving me up a wall and really decreasing my desire to play/enjoyment of the game. I get that some of them might be a bit too in depth for even an advanced tutorial. But unless there’s some reason why this sort of info isn’t avaliable, maybe in a forum post here or a PDF document accessible from the in-game menu or something, it’s really needed. Honestly, the game has a TON of AMAZING features, the gameplay is solid, the F2P model is EXTREMELY generous, etc. But it’s got a TON of “hidden” features and mechanics that are EXTREMELY daunting to a new player. And that’s no fun. :frowning:


You are 100% correct about much of the mechanics being obscure. That’s why I started my 100 tips video series for newer players. You can see the first 3 episodes on my channel (http://youtube.com/c/krudlerthehorse).

I’ll do a quick video rundown of your questions now. Streaming here right now: (https://gaming.youtube.com/c/KrudlerTheHorse/live)

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Thanks for doing the live stream. I missed the first question or two, but yeah, I really appreciate you taking the time to go over these. :slight_smile:

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Check out ashtender.com/gems for a great resource. You can see all of the spell formulas there for every troop in the game, along with tons of other useful information and features. I think Krudler was saying the same thing at the end of his stream there.


Awesome! Thanks for the link! Krudler mentioned the site, but this made it super easy to find. What a great site! :smiley:


Yes, it was an amazing database before, but she made massive upgrades in the last couple weeks and you can now use it to manage and monitor your own collection of troops. if you’re on PC/Mobile, it can even pull your troop information right from the GOW database. I’m on console, so I have to update my collection manually, but it is still fantastic.

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Are you serious? I honestly thought I was the only one finding the AI annoying (PS4). Everyone else seems to be doing pretty well I thought it was just me, I thought I just had to be smarter and work harder around the AI’s trickery. You’re right about having to get by in the game by needing more, but I have been advancing fast somewhat.

As a person who just got into playing this game seriously for almost a year, I personally don’t mind spending money on getting things to help in this game. I’ve spent money on games that were not so fun compared to this, so with that being said, to me it’s worth it.

The tips and tricks that are available via video are on my to do list of checking out soon, but other than that, I’m learning from the AI’s trickery honestly and it has been helping me to get by… until it forces me to match gems for it to win (annoying).:skull:

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This is an incredible list. I hope @Sirrian is taking note! It’s amazing how much you don’t realize would confuse someone when you’ve been playing the game for ages. It’s like there’s a whole second layer of tutorials that’s missing from the game.


It’s processed and view-able, just scroll back up to my other comment.

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@Studs I don’t think it is missing anything. The AI just needs to relax so that the player has fun. It was taking over 5 minutes a match on normal and then to be handed a loss after the energy put in was A PURE DRAG. :poop:

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@thejaz180 Oh I have spent quite the coin. I am just not going to do it across platforms just yet. I should not have to feel like I have to just to get by when I just start a game. :frog::coffee: I have the Dragon knight armor of that let’s you know about me.

@KrudlerTheHorse I loved the video. :grinning:

pc/mobile here - and i feel like its exactly the same for any new player if they dont join a guild that actually does complete tasks.

i think there should be some huge warning sign when you enter game for first time saying you should join a guild (and explanation why).
or some kind of freebie of like 10 glory keys (pinned in the tutorial for example), just to start with something. the difference of cards when you start and after you got some guild task (or $ purchase) done is riddiculously high. ive been playing the game for 2 weeks before i decided to join a guild and it feels like i just wasted time that 2 weeks and reached nowhere.


It’s like no one read this.

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i did read this.

was refering to game progression without a guild.
its a good thing we have have a good retention of new players but the facts remains that new player will struggle without a guild with nearly no progress to their account (while their level raises increasing pvp difficulty anyway)

cant relate to the ai for now

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Another good thread to read through is