A new Gauntlet Game Mode

@AeroCloud suggested a new game mode, here is his initial post from the GW Sneak Peak II thread:

I felt it deserved its own thread, so here we go!! :wink:

Here is a link to @aeroclouds well thought out explanation below:

Gauntlet - Game Mode

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I love the idea of a Gauntlet that is identical that all players have to play to show who has the best skill, but unfortunately what you lose there is the ability to control the players team. Meaning a high level player, will field a team of Mythic, fully traited troops while others cant do that.

So what if there was a sister mode that also set that week’s Gauntlet Attack team?
Every player takes the same team into the Gauntlet with the same levels and same traits and fits against wave after wave of the same opponents to see who can reach the furthest, in this mode, there is no second chance. Or if you elect to try again it erases the previous run, so you have to decide is making it to Wave 78 enough or do you think you could do better next time??

That way it really DOES come down to the best strategist! (And RNGesus, of course…)

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I dont think we should get rid of the needing to level cards.

I think people should only use the cards/traits they have unlocked. If they are unable to get to wave 200, then they might have to play a little more, farm a little more or even purchase something to help them along.

I am over level 1000 and only have 1 mythic card, all the others have alluded me.

Plus this game is more for End-gamers, while giving early-mid gamers something to try and test skills with as well, and not a complete waste of time because they still earn rewards and trophies.

I’m going to need to structure out this idea in a more readable post, so my next post will have details in an easier to read/understand format.


Right, I like your original idea as proposed, I just thought this would be a neat alternative that quit literally would put EVERYBODY on equal footing and allow them to see how well they strategize with the weekly team the devs design for us.

Even the devs could get into it, setting teams with what they perceive as NO synergy just to see how players adapt…

OH! Epiphany! What if instead of a fully selected team, the devs selected 3 troops of set level/traits and each players was permitted a single troop of their choosing to complete the team, then it would allow for players to flex their deck building skills and strategize…

This is a sound idea. I agree with Aero that I don’t see the devs adding yet another mode that allows people to compete without having to level troops. That basically cuts into their bottomline.

What would be cool is if they had a mode with AI created teams that actually had synergy and their stats matched the players. Of course, it would be even better with an AI that uses actual logic when targeting that fits the spell. For example, slayers target the troop they actually have a boost against.

Gauntlet - Game Mode

This game mode is targeting mostly End-gamers, while still providing a challenge and rewards for low-mid gamers as well.

This mode would run week to week, just like all other systems currently running in the game.

This mode will have an endless number of “waves”.
Each “wave” is a pre-selected team with set power/traits/levels etc by the devs ahead of time.
Each “wave” should be exactly the same for each person participating.
Wave 1 for player X will have same opposition team as Wave 1 for player Y.

After completing a “wave” your troops will return back to full health, normal status etc, just like starting a new battle. Once a wave is completed, you will move on to the next wave. You can quit at any time and resume at the same wave you were “with the same team only”.

If you decide to change teams, you will be restarted back at wave 1. This is to ensure you build a balanced team and not match each waves teams vs their weaknesses.

After each week, rewards can be given based upon how many WAVES you have completed.
Showing a leader board to compare your skills to others.

Each week will have different troops in each wave, and possibly different rewards.

Each completed WAVE will offer a minimal reward and possibly 1 trophy for low WAVES and increase up to 3 trophies per battle for harder WAVES. Once your reward/trophy has been given for a Certain WAVE it will not be given again if you start over with another team.

The game should get to an “IMPOSSIBLE” level, where it is unbeatable and you will only win by extreme luck to push those hardcore players.

I will be editing this post trying to merge ideas and/or potential issues with the game mode.

I forgo any rights of my idea and allow Gems of War to use it royalty free and without recourse of legal action.


Snazzy idea, but…

I like it, I would like a lot more mini-games brought into the game. I am not a huge fan of area or treasure hunt but I did enjoy both when I was a noob (or more noob then I am now).

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I like this idea in general, though it seems like an endless Arena vs non-player teams?

This would need to be something that is decided via code, rather than the devs. Else it would take too much time to plan out and design a large number of waves (where does the impossible level kick in?) each week, or if it was a small number of waves, you’d get a lot of people hitting the “impossible” point and losing, meaning the leaderboards would show most people getting to roughly the same wave before dying.

The devs would have to figure out where the sweet spot is, for the start, I say they gradually increase difficulty and maybe impossible becomes around wave 30 or so to start… if we find out most people cant reach 30, then maybe we increase it and make it 50 where impossible is.

And yes, the devs would have to “program” some pre-designed waves of troops, and those same teams can come back much tougher in a farther wave, but there should be enough variance that there will always be a team that is your weakness.

I would love to have it go 100 waves or more, but we will not know the sweet spot until trial and error.

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A Survival or Gauntlet or Endless game mode has been suggested before, over the last few years, including by me!

If I get time I will try to find the posts, or summarise what I remember.

Key point was how to make succcesive battles harder (and interesting) without simply pushing up and up the stat numbers: and dealing with loop teams that can easily win against any enemy irrespective of numbers. My solution was that matches slowly get harder (better stats a bit), but also you roll forfeits / penalties between matches which stack up to weaken / damage / bad status your troops for each new battle.

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Some modes to make it tougher would be to artificially give troops additional traits, or bonuses to colors. Stack it in the AI favor the farther you go in the waves.

If you reach troops that have 400 life and 200 attack, you wont be letting them get skull matches

I think we’re broadly talking about the same thing: but a clear consensus here before was that it would really need something more varied and interesting than just bigger numbers.

You’re right about traits (they weren’t in the game last time this was discussed) and gives some interesting new options: however would need careful handling in terms of UI and the player keeping track of what was added / going on.

EDIT: now I am able to sit at a computer instead of mobile phone, can put a bit more detail/effort into the response:

Survival battle sequence could run as follows:

Pick your team: team is set for the whole Survival run; they heal between battles, but cannot be changed.

Start of match 1: roll Forfeit #1: random penalty: all your troops take 10 damage at start of battle
Match 1: random enemy team

Start of match 2: reapply Forfeit #1
Start of match 2: roll Forfeit #2: random penalty: enemy team gains +5 Armour
Match 2: random enemy team with +10% stats, and slight increase in rarity of enemies rolled

Start of match 3: reapply Forfeit #1, #2
Start of match 3: roll Forfeit #3: random penalty: deal 15 damage to one of your troops and burn it
Match 3: random enemy team with +20% stats, and further increase in rarity of enemies rolled

Start of match 4: reapply Forfeit #1, #2, #3
Start of match 4: roll Forfeit #4: random penalty: enemy team gains +2 to all red matches
Match 4: random enemy team with +30% stats, and further increase in rarity of enemies rolled

Start of match 5: reapply Forfeit #1, #2, #3, #4
Start of match 5: roll Forfeit #5: random penalty: all your troops suffer -2 Magic stat
Match 5: random enemy team with +40% stats, and further increase in rarity of enemies rolled

…and so on…

So each battle:

  • enemy team gains cumulative +10% to all stat numbers
  • enemy team composition is cumulatively more likely to roll higher rarity troops
  • you start battle rolling a random penalty / Forfeit: take damage, lose stats, enemies gain stats, enemies gain mana, etc etc
  • the Forfeits stack and reapply at the start of each battle
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i think it should be a little harder then full heal/cleanse:

after battle each unit is cleansed, then each statistic of each unit is checked separatelly and modified:

  • if the stat is above its starting point it gets reseted to the starting point
  • if the stat is below the starting point it gets reset to a fixed number of 75% of starting point

that way any damaged statistics is reseted to 75% (which can be additional hardship if you were damaged less then 25%, or it can be a small healing if you were more damaged)
and any overbuffed statistics will get reset

i think its more fun then just plainly starting with same statistics each wave, raises difficulty a little :stuck_out_tongue:

i like this very much, with a whole leaderboard added to it i think thats best way to make it happen

also i think all enemy teams being preset by devs is splendid idea, ppl could create whole meta chat about how to defeat wave #24 or #67 i think thats wonderful way to add more skill/team building into the game