(30/30) FULL! Guardians of Terra, Rank 140, hardcore or casual. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!


Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to update the post. I was sick last week, so I was a little behind. The spot filled up really quickly, so I am sorry I wasn’t able to accommodate all those interested. There are always a ton of awesome guilds looking for new members on her though, so I am sure everyone has/will find a good home!


2 spots open!!! If you are looking for a great guild, come join us! Get back to me in the next couple of hours to join us before the reset!!


We still have 1 spot open if anyone is interested!


Hello, I want to join your guild!
my invite code: SHAPPON_N5SJ


We have 2 openings!! Sorry @shappon I am just seeing your message now X(, I apologize. If you are still interested, let me know. If you found a new home congrats!!


Still looking to fill two last spots! Come join us!


Come join us before the reset and reap in the rewards! Let me know if you are interested!


Hello, I am active but only around lvl 200. The last 2 weeks I did 1500 seals and 150k-200k gold while still working on leveling up kingdoms.



Hey Elarcadia, if you’re still recruiting, I’m very much interested! Level 195, active player, just unlocked all my kingdoms and working on leveling them up.



Marcellus, we filled up about an hour ago and I forgot to make the edit here, I apologize. The next time we have an opening I will give you a heads up! There are a lot of great guilds out there looking for people, so I am sure you will find a n awesome home :). Good luck!