(30/30) FULL! Guardians of Terra, Rank 140, hardcore or casual. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!


I’m Level 96, started 3 days ago very active. I would love to join
1500 are reached 100% by me. I will donate Gold as much as asked. Never was in guildwars by now but i learn fast.

inv code: DIAMAID_1PXE


Hey Diamaid, I tried to invite you but it says you don’t exist! Check your invite code again maybe a number or letter is missing.


Also, don’t worry too much about Guild Wars. It is only going to be every 3 weeks from now on, since they are introducing 2 new guild game modes. We’ll all be trying the new game modes for the first time so we can all learn together!


Hello o/
My level is 296, started about 3 weeks ago. I’m interested in joining this beautiful guild.
I usually play 4-6 hours a day. 1k seals at the first day because i rush pvp for the daily glory reward!
20k gold a week? EZPZ (willing to donate more)
I’m a friend of Diamaid, we know each other IRL and I can say, that I’m a tryhard like him, too!
Like he said I don’t know much either about Guild Wars but I’m excited to learn a new game mode :slight_smile:


I’m interested in joining your guild.

I’m currently level 1078 with 30/33 kingdoms 5 star +

My invite code is ATLAS777_8YWT


We are recruiting again!! We have two fresh spots open for any takers!!


HI, am interested in joining your guild. I am level 142, so fairly new, but can meet all the requirements with 1500 souls and 100+ trophies and 20k gold (whilst i level kingdoms). if you are interested feel free to send me an invite at SALVATORE_UETB


I tried to invite you but it says you are already in another guild. If you are still interested, let me know if the next hour if you want to join us before the reset.


Still looking for a couple of new players! We are planning on hitting 40K this week to help out chances with the new Mythic. Come join us!



can I join you? I am level 72, active every day! I discovered the game a few days ago and I became hooked !

I would love to join your guild, thank you :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry for my english :blush:


Unfortunately, Furax, there are two potential members who are in the process of joining, which would make us full. If, for some reason, one of them falls through, I will let you know. Lucky for you, there are a lot of great guilds out there looking for members, so not matter what I have faith you will find a good home!


Okay. Contact me here or in mp if you have a free slot, thank you :slight_smile:


We are full as of now. I will let you know when we have our next opening!


A couple of members have become inactive, so we are on the search to add a couple! If you are interested, please comment here or PM me. Thanks!


We still need one more player if anyone is interested! Just last week we completed 5 legendary tasks and got our first Mythic card from a LT…Famine!


Would love to join. Dazedyak73100_8F7T. Thanks


On the hunt for a new member! Our reqs are 20k gold, 600 seals, participation in all group events, and joining our LINE app guild chat group! Most of us contribute significantly more, but these reqs gives newer players a reprieve. If you are interested, please either comment here or PM me.

Thanks, and looking forward to having one of you join us soon!!


Hi there,i am interested in joining your party:)
Serious dedicated mature player,gimme a chance and i will prove myself worthy.My invite code is


Hey there Igorche, if you are still available we would love to have you! I tried to invite you per your invite code, but it says it doesn’t exist. Just send me over your corrected one when you get a chance and I will add you!


I’m very interested in joining your if still available…

I am not high level… But watch this space.


Line app not a problem