(30/30) FULL! Guardians of Terra, Rank 140, hardcore or casual. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!


yea still looking need to leave the one I’m in. just wanted to make sure you still had a spot open. will leave it now


okay I left that guild now so if you could send me an invite I would appericate it


OKay, should be coming.


We are now FULL guys, thank you so much!!


We have one spot open at the moment for anyone interested!


I would be very interested!


If you are still interested we do have one opening! Let me know.


I am! How can I get in contact with you to coordinate?


We currently have 2 spots open due to some members falling off the grid for a couple of weeks, so if anyone is looking to join an active guild before the reset tonight, please let me know!!


Hi… Interested… My invite is RAYORTIZ70_QPFC


Ok, invite being sent momentarily!


Level 563 player looking for new home.
All kingdoms are level 10.
All classes but one at level 20.
Play everyday.
Plays guild wars and clears dungeon daily.
Invite code is SHADEDSOUL


Invite sent!


Still recruiting? Level 338 active player, but my current high level guild lost the leaders so we can’t even register for Guild Wars right now.


We are!! Sorry for the late reply, I was at work. If you are still interested let me know!


Yeah, still interested. Invite Windigo_1.


Hey guys,

We had a couple of members leave to pursue other things (ones going for his Masters!) so we are currently looking for a couple more active members. We don’t require much, but we do ask that you be able to participate as much as you can in guild events (both guild wars, and the new game types that will start shortly). If you are interested please send me your invite code, or PM me on here if you prefer!


Hi! Lvl 71, Can reach weekly seal cap
Leveling kingdoms atm, so gold contribution will not be as high as expected from veteran player, sadly :frowning:
(GW and such is very welcome in active guild for me)
If it is fine for you, pm me here so i can leave my current guild
GRAND_18NR invite code


It will be on it’s way momentarily, let me just finish this treasure map!


Level 1100+
Kingdoms all except latest 2 10-5, most 10-6+
1500 seals
Never been in more than 2 man guild!
Work long hours but lot from home so daily access etc.