(30/30) FULL! Guardians of Terra, Rank 140, hardcore or casual. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!


Please add me…

I’m on mobile and can meet the requirements

Eye wanna play_1


I tried to invite you, but it says you are already part of another guild!


Didn’t want to drop if I got no reply

Will drop from my guild now



Found a guild… thank you…


Hello. Are you still recruiting? I will beleaving my guild after this week, looking for a new, friendly guild.


Iamdogsgod_vtoz . New active player 1500 seals 200+trophies 50-100 k gold while lvling my kingdom


Still recruiting?
If you do my invite is TOMIS_ACQN.


We are full for now guys, sorry!! I will make sure to post when we have openings in the future.


We are recruiting!! If you are interested, please comment here or PM me.


Still looking for a couple more active players!!


Only a couple spots left!


1 spot left!! If you want in, now is the time to speak up!!


Hi are you still recruiting? My invite code is WILFREDO


I am a veteran of GOW on my Ps4 account, now i install game on my mobile and arleady i got level 100. I am a daily player and i always make 1500 seals for guild i like to donate gold. If you still looking for active player please add me



Invite has been sent!


Hey do you still have any openings left. My guild is dead and I get 1500 seals every week and donate about 300k or more a week. Do GW daily and i’m level 355 right now. My invite code is FROGLADY_YNGF.


I am also looking for a new guild if room is available still…can easily meet your posted requirements weekly. Invite code is grintooth_5srt . Just need to know when to leave old guild first in case you have no room left.


Hey there. Im also looking for a guild. I just started and lvl 130 right now. But I have problems to find an active guild to move on. Im still working on the kingdoms but your requirements are no problem. If you still have a place it would great to be a part of your guild. My invite code is HOEDEBLEXE_GEOW


Hey Frog, I tried to invite you before I went to be last night, but it said you are already in another guild. Let me know if you are still looking!


Hey Hoede, I tried to invite you but it said you were currently in another guild. If you are still interested let me know, we might still have space available!